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The Morning Stake: June 1st

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Texas Tech Tennis

Texas Tech Baseball

Nic’s gonna be there this weekend (but the guy in the video probably is probably going to pitch on Friday night, missing a possible match-up against Texas Tech).

Texas Tech Football

You humans can now set your schedules as three games now have times. Eastern Washington will be at 3:00 pm on FCS, Arizona State will be at 7:00 pm, also on FCS and the game against the Longhorns is at 7:00 pm and will be on FOX.

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 Via the Kansas City Star, Patrick Mahomes continues his education on the field:

But when asked how far he is from being “game ready,” he answered with the confidence you’d want your quarterback of the future to have.

“I don’t know if I’m that far away – it’s more about me continuing to work and keep getting better,” Mahomes said. “These veterans are guys that have been in the league, been around and have been very successful. In order to be like them, I’ve got to go as hard as they do and catch up to them.”

RedRaiderSports’ Maitland Rutledge has a Q&A with new signee Quentin Yontz and here’s a bit as to why Yontz chose Texas Tech:

“I was super interested in the school. I did some research when they offered me, they play in the Big 12, great competition. My visit felt really good just the coaches were super friendly, super nice, I liked what they were preaching and what they said was the plan for me, how they were going to get the job done and a few of my friends actually play in the Big 12 so the chance to play against them at the next level is really exciting.”

Yesterday, some of the SB Nation guys predicted that Texas Tech probably won’t get to the 6 wins that Vegas has predicted and as a result, probably won’t retain Kingsbury and they threw out the same names that we’ve been throwing out as possible replacements, Lincoln Riley and Sonny Dykes. I would normally link to it, but I still hold a grudge against Jason Kirk for what he posted about the Texas Tech white-out during the cotton game that Texas Tech normally does (basically alleging that it was racist without realizing that the cotton grown and harvested in West Texas had nothing to do with slavery). What can I say, I tend to hold a grudge on stuff like that. You all linked to it in yesterday’s Morning Stake (I think twice) so if you want to check it out, it’s there.


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