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The Morning Stake: June 8th

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Sheryl Swoopes is set to be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame this weekend.

Texas Tech Baseball

Texas Tech Basketball

That’s some serious hops.

Texas Tech Football

Yesterday, Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops officially retired at the young age of 56 years and OU immediately appointed Oklahoma offensive coordinator Lincoln Riley as the head coach. There was some thought that Riley could be in line if Kliff Kingsbury has a rough year at Texas Tech, but that now appears to be no longer a reality. The best thing that could happen would be for Kingsbury to kick some ass this year.

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The football field received a new font and this video says that the uniforms are following suit. The problem is that they don’t stay on it long enough to see it.

From my very non-graphical opinion, the biggest difference is that the new font is more of a block font without the serifs that the old font previously had. And in case you’re wondering, serifs can go straight to hell. Straight to hell. I’m just kidding, I’m not anti-serif.

Yesterday evening, Inside the Red Raiders’ Jarrett Johnson tweeted that Hutchinson Community College running back Tre King signed with Texas Tech (6-0/198). I would link to Johnson’s tweets but he deleted them. One of the things he deleted was this article from Hutchinson C.C.’s website about the signing. The Hutchinson News also picked up the story. King had 90 carries for 352 and 5 touchdowns yards last year before an injury.

All of that is true, as King was apparently going to carry the load for Hutchinson C.C., carrying the ball 21, 22, 27 and 14 times before the 5th game where King is injured. I don’t know what the deal is, if King actually did sign, but here is King’s highlights:


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