Texas Tech Preseason Practice Report: Nisby, King, Vasher, Washington, Gilmore, Brooks & Allen Impress

A handful of players continue to earn praise this preseason practice.

Kliff Kingsbury was made available to the media today and he spoke really fast and there were many times, that I was struggling to keep up. I think I got most of it, I think I’ve got the gist of it, if you will. Here’s the non-transcript.

Kliff Kingsbury:

. . . [Who has stood out to you thus far in preseason] Offensively, Desmond Nisby, Tre King, T.J. Vasher, has all of the ability and has flashed; defensively, same guys, Broderick Washington, Lonzell Gilmore, Jordyn Brooks, Dakota Allen has come on, seeing some good things and competitive practices, which is encouraging.

. . . [Position battles in camp] We’re fairly close, I think we’re still going to push some guys, and not really reveal those just yet, but Wednesday or Thursday next week we’ll know.

. . . [Specific position battles] All of those guys up front, interior guys, Jack Anderson is pushing Jacob Hines, Jujuan Delaney has stepped up recently, kinda the same with the d-line, end position, Eli Howard, Zach Barnes and Kolin Hill are all pushing each other.

. . . [Competition between Anderson, Hines and Delaney] Rotation, all three of those guys, just trying to find the right combination.

. . . [Where competition needed to be worked out] We had a bunch of experienced guys at the skill position, we had to figure out some of those pieces up front.

. . . [How has Zach Barnes done thus far] Zach Barnes has been good, he’s hard to block, not the biggest guy, has good hands, it’s a tough match-up in passing situations, the closer to the football he to the football, the better he is, proud of the way he’s developed inside. He gives us versatility to move in and out, we’ll find a happy medium with him.

. . . [Why has Barnes struggled to find a position] I think scheme wise, trying to figure out what he was, he really started to put on weight and now he’s 265/270 where as before he was around 240.

. . . [Where has the team improved this preseason] Accountability, overall maturity, when we have as many senior skill players that are leaders on the team, that goes a long way, the way they practice and workout, that’s a good example for the younger players.

. . . [How Jett Duffey has played thus far] He’s looked good throwing the football, everything needs to slow down, he’s seeing the field well, he has a great arm, more reps will help.

. . . [Plan differently for the bye week in week 2] No, I don’t think so, that bye week gives us some time to get extra prep work for Arizona State.

. . . [Progress of Riko Jeffers] He’s done really well, big and physical, him and Nisby is a big-time collision. He’s really picked it up well, his body has changed. I’m not sure how much, we’re going to get him some plays early and see where it goes from there.

. . . [Freshmen redshirting] Possibly, we’re still working through the holes we have on special teams, if they don’t have a major role, we’ll redshirt them.

. . . [Freshmen who have impressed] The one’s we’ve mentioned already, Adrian Frye has jumped out at corner, he doesn’t back down and that’s encouraging.

. . . I think, it’s a unique situation, we have a ton of veteran guys, but we have guys where we don’t know what you’ve got, it’s worked, we’ve rested those veteran guys and rested a bit and worked the other guys.

. . . [How Travis Bruffy has done thus far] It’s as high as any of those linemen, the progress he’s made during the spring, the way he’s changed his body, how smart he is, how tough he is, he’s graded out as the highest lineman and probably in the fall camp.

. . . [Initial comparison of Bruffy] Luke Joeckel, that’s big shoes to fill, but they’re both really big skilled guys, they were both pitches, they were both big skill guys and that’s really helped him.

. . . [Have they earned the double-t yet] Not earned the double-t yet, see if we can get it back before Saturday.

. . . [High number capable linebackers] I think a guy like Brooks, and Dakota can play in any passing or run down, they’re going to get a lot of reps, there’s no question.

 A-J Media’s Nicholas Talbot talked with Travis Bruffy about his progress, how his mother didn’t want him to attend Texas Tech. Bruffy also talked about the doubters of the Texas Tech offensive line:

“They have every single reason to believe that,” Bruffy said, “because last year we were terrible. Last year we were the worst rushing team in the Big 12 and that’s unacceptable. We are going to step it up this year. Terence Steele and Paul Stawarz have picked it up as leaders, and we have focused on becoming more physical with an emphasis on running the ball. So, if they really believe that going into game one, they are in for a surprise.”

 A-J Media’s Don Williams recaps the presser with a notebook and RedRaiderSports’ Brandon Soliz also recaps the presser with comments from Bruffy and Keke Coutee in addition to Kingsbury.


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