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The Morning Stake: August 30th

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 Spencer has you covered for yesterday’s press conference with Kingsbury, Stawarz and Washington and RedRaiderSports’ Brandon Soliz has quotes from Tony Jones, Lonzell Gilmore and Nic Shimonek. Here’s a bit from Jones and Gilmore:

– Gilmore said Gubrud can make plays on his feet as well and not only with his arm. However, he said Jones’ speed can help with Gubrud’s elusiveness.

– “I bet all the money on Tony Jones,” Gilmore said. “You know his 40 time is probably like a 4.3 so I’m putting it all Tony to go ahead and catch up to him.”

– Gilmore said he can see Jones becoming a very good rush with his speed and athleticism. He said he is picking up the system and transition quite nicely.

 A-J Media’s Don Williams writes about Paul Stawarz and his journey from Illinois to Texas Tech and how he and Jacob Hines have changed their bodies since they arrived:

Stawarz noted he and Hines have things in common. Both have described themselves as bad-bodied coming out of high school — Hines has shed 30 pounds from 350, and Stawarz has toned up from what he once called “a sloppy 280.” Neither generated much of a ripple when they chose Tech after their times in junior colleges.

Once in Lubbock, though, both have come into key roles quickly. Hines was the first player Stawarz named when he was asked who among the linemen had performed best in August.

“With him, technique-wise and how physical he is, it’s hard to match that,” Stawarz said. “He’s a really good player. The only way I could help him is just learning the offense and things he might have questions on. I think that’s where I can really help him out.”

 Miscellaneous . . . I should be saving this for Friday, but Texas Monthly with a nice article on how quarterbacks are made in high school, focusing on Hutto Hippo Chase Griffin, who will be a junior in 2017 . . . ESPN’s Jake Trotter (who has seemingly been very restricted on how much he writes on the blog) has his Big 12 power rankings and has Texas Tech 9th . . .


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