Let’s Talk About Stats: Eastern Washington vs. Texas Tech

Let’s talk about all of the good things and the bad things, that may be.

Texas Tech Offense vs. Eastern Washington Defense

These charts will be a lot more beneficial once we get a non-FCS team, so we’ll have to wait a couple of weeks until we get something that is a bit more meaningful and isn’t full of “welps”. The numbers in the columns are the national rankings and the verdict should hopefully be abundantly clear once we get some more numbers.

Even then, last year, Eastern Washington was a pretty good defense, lots of turnovers and they did a better job of stopping the run in comparison to Texas Tech actually running the ball. But after that, we don’t get a ton of information other than the Texas Tech offense was absolutely terrific overall, especially passing the ball.

The ground game was significantly worse and quite frankly struggled. The Texas Tech rush offense pretty much struggled in nearly every category. That obviously has to improve and maybe a combination of Stockton, Nisby and Felton helps with that.

The one thing that I was a bit surprised at was the turnovers, I didn’t realize that the turnovers was one of the worst in the country. That obviously has to get better too.

Texas Tech Defense vs. Eastern Washington Offense

These numbers are even a bit more depressing than the rushing offense. Just nothing to really be sorta excited about. The problem is that the Eastern Washington offense was very good and that will be the question for the rest of the year. Is the defense for real?

That’s going to be an evolving answer and one where I don’t think that we’ll necessarily have an answer after this game, but we will most likely have an indication as to where things are headed.

To give you an idea as to why I’m doing the statistics that I am doing, the idea is to give you enough general stats for the traditional guys/gals and then give you advanced stats for pretty much everything else. All stats are courtesy of Football Study Hall’s Bill Connelly. Oh, and the FPI Rating is some sort of ESPN metric.


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