Weekly Conversation: Bye Week

Last weeks game.

Seth: Well, that totally went according to plan. A complete and utter dominating performance of an FCS opponent. I don’t know if you were really expecting a 107-7 win, but this seemed to be a marked improvement from last year, right?

Travis: I was extremely pleased with the game. After a sluggish start (delay of game on first play followed by a terrible punt) Shimonek started to find a groove and the running game was pretty impressive.

But I really loved what I saw on defense. Sure, they were an FCS opponent, but my EWU buddy said they haven’t been held to 10 points or fewer in six years. Couple that with some takeaways and even a pick six, and I’m happy. Of course none of this may mean anything in a few weeks, but I’ll take where we are as opposed to UT or Baylor right now.

Suburban Gangsters.

Travis: So, you guys getting scholarship offers for the boys’ soccer prowess yet?

Seth: Oh, man, they’re just so different in so many ways. Yoyo is really athletic. He literally jumps all over the house, either that or bear crawls for fun. He’ll climb up the door jam because he’s bored. Fits lacks coordination, although he is getting better. If you could know anything about adoption, just know that things that happen early in life can have a profound effect on you later in life. Mentally, physically and psychologically. Fits was in a room with about 17 other kids and his play time was relatively limited to being in that room and a bit outside. What Fits lacks in coordination, he’s more than made up for in his ability to read, remember things and generally be pretty smart. Yoyo stayed with a family and he pretty much had his run of playing in the street or going plays or doing whatever. If anything, Fits has the body to be a long distance runner, all legs and no rear-end, while Yo is just one big muscle. So, Yo is very good. He finished up last spring’s soccer being the second best player on his team, playing in the U-8 division while being in pre-K. Fits wants to be an astronaut and Yo wants to be a soccer player.

How does it feel to be the second most important person on the internet in your own house?

Travis: It’s h*ckin ridiculous. I’ve been toiling away on Twitter for 6 years and she comes in and gets 150,000 likes on Instagram overnight because of a joke I stole from our compliance manual at work.

Honestly though it was a lot of fun. I convinced her to open a twitter account this summer, primarily for recruiting purposes, but we’ve been having fun sending each other dog rates pics and sharing memes we come across. Then that tweet she sent last Thursday just went completely nuts. Something like half a million people have seen it, or something stupid like that.

The monster I’ve created is seeping into the boys’ psyche now and they want to be “viral.” Their whole deal with KISS is hilarious, but now they want me to share what they’re doing to see how many likes they can get. My wife blames me, completely.

The best thing ever.

Travis: And that’s a perfect segue into this weeks best thing. The @dog_rates account on Twitter is phenomenal. Claire and I laugh at what he sends out on a daily basis. And he’s changing our vocabulary. We now say h*ckin a lot, and we’re concerned that there’s somebody out there that wants to do us a scare.

What about you? What’s the best thing in the world right now this week?

Seth: My wife makes a few of Pioneer Woman’s recipes and maybe the best thing that the Pioneer Woman does (although her bacon wrapped meatloaf is pretty on point too) is the lasagna.  You would think a dish with cottage cheese in it (you would never know that it’s in there and I don’t like cottage cheese, but I also haven’t been forced to eat cottage cheese since I was 10) would be off the list, but hell no. It’s great.

Random top five.

Seth: Top five Pixar movies.

1. Wall-E
2. Up
3. Toy Story 3 (I cry every time at the end)
4. The Incredibles
5. Monsters, Inc.

Travis: A lot of my picks are for nostalgic reasons and are movies the kids grew up with.
1. Monsters Inc.
2. Up
3. Finding Nemo
4. The Incredibles
5. Toy Story 3

Ratatouille can go straight to hell because I’m not about watching a dirty rat cook my food. WALL-E was ok until that lady robot started shouting his name every five seconds. WALL-E!!!! makes my skin crawl…

And if I could squeeze a non-Pixar shout-out it would be for the Lego Batman movie and the new Guardians of the Galaxy. Enjoyed both, immensely.

This weeks game.

Travis: So, since we have no game to predict this weekend, any big Saturday plans?

Seth: Agreed about Ratatouille. Damn. Straight. To. Hell.

I also enjoyed Lego Batman, although that was, I think, the first movie where Fitsum really was hit head on with the concept of being an orphan and adoption. I don’t think it phased him, but being sensitive to that stuff, it stuck out to me. Fits wants to buy it as soon as possible so he can watch it again.

I think we’re laying low this Saturday. We went to the SMU men’s soccer game on Sunday night. It’s free admission and they received free thunder sticks, so life was good for us and errbody around us. And it was really nice, other than one punk kid throwing out F-bombs behind us (all of the other college aged kids were really great and didn’t stare at all at us because of the thunder sticks). I’m going to try to get as much work done around the house that I can. I am going to the Arizona State game. Me and some buddies are renting an RV that sleeps 10 (there’s 7 kids and 5 adults, I’m bringing my tent just in case I need to sleep outside) and we’re posting up somewhere in the parking lot and will hopefully have a good time. So I’ll probably also get some actual work done this weekend too so next weekend will be more enjoyable. I’ll try to let everyone know where we’re at in case anyone wants to stop by and say hello.

What about you? Making any new KISS videos, or maybe going to see Mini-KISS?

Travis: We don’t have anything terribly exciting going on, but you can bet there will be requests for “I was made for loving you,” all day every day.


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