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The Morning Stake: September 22nd

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 A-J Media’s Don Williams writes about how Jordyn Brooks is ready to play in his hometown of Houston:

Lumping himself into a harsh criticism, Brooks said at this time last year Tech linebackers were “young and dumb” and on Saturday they were “excellent.” Brooks said the linebackers were where they needed to be on every play, a stark contrast to the previous Tech-ASU game when he said they missed the keys given by pulling guards.

“Every time that guard pulls to the other side, that’s where the ball’s going to go,” he said. “We were missing that a lot last year. That’s what got us.”

 RedRaiderSports’ Will McKay writes about Paul Stawarz and how he’s pleased with the offensive line play thus far:

So far, it seems the offensive line has played their best football when under pressure to perform. Stawarz believes it’s because the collective group syncs up well together in the trenches, their chemistry working as one of the biggest strengths of this O-line.

“I think we’re good. We work really well together. There are just some little things here and there that can make a difference that we’re trying to clean up, but overall as a unit, I think we’re playing really well together as a unit. We have some guys that can roll in at anytime that practice with us, so I think we’re solid right now.”

 Sports On Earth’s Matt Brown has his weekly predictions and ends up picking the Cougars by 4:

Texas Tech gave up 45 points to Arizona State but managed to win anyway to start 2-0. It must prepare for a much more difficult defensive matchup this week. Houston is unlikely to be as strong defensively as last year, but it still has superstar Ed Oliver at defensive tackle and it held Arizona to 16 points in a road win a couple weeks ago. Meanwhile, he hasn’t made many big plays, but transfer QB Kyle Allen has completed an absurd 86.2 percent of his passes in two games for the Cougars. As always, Texas Tech’s offense is capable of keeping up with just about anyone. Houston, however, is the more well-rounded team and shouldn’t be slept on as a New Year’s Six bowl contender, even as all the early the attention goes to San Diego State, Memphis and USF.

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