Five Post Game Thoughts: Texas Tech 65, Kansas 19

Texas Tech comes out firing in Lawrence in a game that was never really in question.

Five Post Game Thoughts

  1. For the first time this season, the Texas Tech offense made it to the end zone on their opening possession. It was a great drive with the first three plays each going for first downs. It was nice to see such a dominant start to a game, including a touchdown on their second possession. They went on to score the most points of any Big 12 team so far this season.
  2. The defense put up great stands on their first two drives of the game, as well, including back-to-back stops on 4th and 1. This is how you open games, and I hope we get to see it again on both sides of the ball. Three interceptions, including a pick-six, never hurts either.
  3. Desmond Nisby had a day, finishing with 93 yards and 4 touchdowns on 11 carries for 8.5 yards per carry. So did Stockton, with 194 total yards including 33 receiving. Hats off to the o-line for really opening up the run game this week. Texas tech rushed for 313 yards. Do not adjust your screen; you read that correctly.
  4. Aside from just a few drives, the offense played lights out, even allowing McLane Carter to take over for a few drives in the fourth. They had issues getting out of situations when pinned deep, but I can’t complain too much. The o-line seemed to get everything together against the pass rush after allowing 3 sacks in the first half.
  5. Mistakes were everywhere today: QB sacks, an interception, a missed field goal, a blocked punt (seriously, how does no one block this guy), and a fumble in the red zone among others. Getting a lopsided win on the road when all of those things don’t pan out for you shows some resolve against a team that beat the University of Texas Longhorns last season. People forget that.






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