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Eats & Bounds: Lubbock Concerts, Events, & TTU Sports – 10/19/17

The Maize is still fun and who doesn’t love a good pot roast?

So, Saturday was my first time to go to the Maize as a dad and let me tell you, it was even better. We didn’t go through the actual maze, but we did take a tractor ride out to the pumpkin patch to pick out the best pumpkin we could find. There were many great photo opportunities, the corn cannon is a blast, and our little girl loves animals so the goats were a huge hit. It doesn’t hurt that Saturday happened to be just about the most perfect fall day you can ask for out here.


One of my favorite things that my wife makes is her version of this Mississippi Roast recipe. She uses a pork roast instead of beef and a whole jar of sliced pepperoncinis instead of what the recipe calls for. She then serves it on toasted ciabatta bread to make either one delicious messy sandwich or an open-faced sandwich. It’s just the best, and since she just made it this week, it’s still on my mind.

Not sure if there will be anything thrown on the smoker this weekend, but possibly Sunday. We’re planning on hitting up the Antique Tractor & Engine Show on Saturday after the game. The former farm kid in me just can’t resist.


A few of the upcoming Lubbock happenings (see calendar for more):


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