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The Morning Stake | 2017-10-26

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Texas Tech Basketball

 CBS Sports ranks all 351 teams and they’ve got the Red Raiders ranked 69th overall (yes, this is nice) and this seems a bit low:

Veteran team with a good coach in Chris Beard. Kind of reminds me of when Tubby Smith was there a few years ago and wound up getting into the NCAAs with ease after having no expectation at all of doing so. Wouldn’t be a shock if I’m wrong on this team and it ends up as a top-50 squad, but senior tweener forward Zach Smith is going to need help.

This seems like the writer really doesn’t know that there is some additional help, like Keenan Evans, but whatever. I didn’t rank 351 teams.

Texas Tech Football

 A-J Media’s Don Williams writes about how the defensive front seven has allowed Jah’Shawn Johnson make more plays:

The Red Raiders’ front seven has been at the forefront of a much-improved rushing defense. With the defensive linemen doing a better job this season of tying up blockers, Johnson has had a clear lane to come up and make a lot of his tackles.

“Huge help,” he said. “I know waking up the next day, my body is not feeling as bad. They’ve done a great job clogging up gaps. Linebackers have done a great job fitting off of the D-line.

“You don’t even see much of what they do, but they take up a lot of blockers for us in the back end and make our job a lot easier. Credit to those guys and coach (Terrence) Jamison for what they’ve done.”

  Miscellaneous . . . A-J Media’s Don Williams writes about Lincoln Riley making the right connections to become OU’s head coach . . . NewsOK’s Ryan Aber writes that the Sooner defense was reminded of last year’s game against Texas Tech . . . Tulsa World’s Cody Stavenhagen writes about how the Oklahoma coaching staff has Texas Tech ties . . . Land Grant Gauntlet has their week 9 power poll and it’s not looking good for Texas Tech as they are 7th overall, dropping from 6th from last week . . .


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