Chit Chat: Return of the Roundtable

Let’s discuss things. Lots of things.

seth: Alright everyone, we’re going to take a week off from Chit Chat and we’re going to get our roundtable on. I’ll start just by getting everyone’s temperature as to where you are with the coaching situation.

spencer: This week didn’t change my opinion on this staff. You were practically expected to lose by 3 TDs and you lost by 3 TDs. I think some fans that may have flipped on this staff this weekend maybe got caught up in the first three drives thinking it would be a shootout similar to last years OU game.

I’m still in the camp of believing I’ve seen enough of Kingsbury to get the feel we’re probably peaking in terms of where he can take this team. We all thought the turnaround could take some time. We’ve seen some improvement on the defensive side but the offense is now regressing. We’re seeing the same struggles from year one persist into year five.

More than anything, I want Texas Tech to succeed. I’m not tied to any one offensive philosophy or a particular person. My allegiance to Tech trumps mine to Kingsbury and I think a move should be made.

michael: With four games left on the season, I’m going to wait until those play out before stating whether or not I’m up for installing an entirely new coaching staff. Just thinking about it makes me anxious, and with jobs like Florida, Tennessee, Auburn, UCLA, Arkansas, and Texas A&M possibly opening up, I don’t like Tech’s chances in the overall collegiate pecking order.

The OU game went as all of us here at STP expected, but the WVU and the Iowa State games are really tough losses that can point directly to coaching. The offense only managed one touchdown against ISU. As much as it pains me to say, I’m finally leaning toward Kingsbury not being our guy. I just don’t want to fully commit to that idea until the end of the season. I really don’t even want to commit to it until Hocutt does.

spencer: Let me clarify that I don’t think anything should be done in terms of coaching staff during the season or at least until the team hits 7 losses. I know how wonky things can get and maybe we’re just in a weird skid now.

michael: For sure. I always assume most people who are ready for a coaching change would rather it happen at the end of the season instead of during. (edited)

seth: With the new December signing date it sorta accelerates the whole process of firing a head coach. It makes it uncomfortable for everyone.

So the other big topic is the quarterback and is this a situation where you think Shimonek should sit for a bit or do you want to ride this out a bit longer?

michael: I would be open to seeing another QB in the game. I do feel like Shim feels pressured to run out of the pocket even when the line is doing a good job of holding back three rushers. That wouldn’t be as much of an issue if he was able to turn those scrambles into completions.

My thought is that Shim still starts, but depending on how the first half goes, Duffey might start the second half. What are your thoughts on that? Should it be a conditional thing or should Kingsbury go all-in on starting an untested QB?

spencer: I think Shimonek will start the rest of the season barring injury. I, however, would be open to giving Carter some burn to close out the season. I’m still unclear what impact the year away from the program had on Duffey, and honestly I’m still a little uneasy with that off-the-field issue and the optics of that whole situation.

michael: Good point. I feel the same way about Duffey. I originally had Carter in my answer above for that exact reason, and now I’m wishing I hadn’t changed it.

briandc: Sorry I’m a bit late (getting back in the groove from vacation), but I’m cooling a bit on Kingsbury, though I’ll wait until the end of the season. I absolutely love him, but the WVU was baaaad, and our 2nd half issues just can’t be ignored.

I don’t think Shim is going to sit at all, which is fine/is what it is. We tend to focus on how he likes to step into sacks, but during the OU game he was hosing the ball pretty accurately (in the first half at least), and I had forgotten how good of a ball he can throw at times. That said, he doesn’t handle pressure on blitzes well at all, and it’s rough to watch. I’d be open to seeing both Carter & Duffey, but honestly? Let’s get Xavier Martin back at the QB position from WR. Seth mentioned it on Twitter the other night, but Arizona’s QB Khalil Tate is an absolute blast to watch and maybe X could do a bit of the same thing. I know we won’t see him taking snaps this year, but at least give him a shot over the spring and let’s see what happens

michael: Man, Martin looked great in the scrimmages.

seth: I’m with you all in the thought that the odds of Kingsbury taking out Shimonek are slim and none, but there’s a connection that’s missing and if the offense is stagnant again in the second half, then the worst that can happen has already happened (i.e. the offense is stagnant yet again). I’m already thinking that the way things are going in terms of offenses, having a guy like Martin or Duffey or whoever is mobile (maybe is Carter, I think he’s got something, he was just really learning everything in the spring) gives the offense just another threat if the defense isn’t going to respect the run. Right now, with Shimonek, we don’t have that.

Last question. What’s been your favorite uniform combination thus far?

michael: I’m surprised at how much I like the red helmets. I’m going with red-white-red vs. ISU at #1 then red-white-white vs UH for #2.

seth: I’m with Michael, I sorta like the red helmets and liked both the Houston and West Virginia look, but my favorite was the throwbacks form the Oklahoma State game.


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