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The Morning Stake | 2017.11.28

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RedRaiderSports’ Will McKay was at yesterday’s press conference (embedded above) where he has some quotes from yesterday’s presser:

“This was by design. Z, Morro, Culver, Malik, they didn’t come to Tech thinking they were going to have to wait their time. They came here knowing there was an opportunity to contribute immediately.”

“These are guys that genuinely have a love for basketball. Come up here on an off day sometime and you’ll hear the ball bouncing. Those guys are in the gym. Come up here late at night. They park right off Indiana. If you see four cars up here at 10, 10:30, 11 at night, it’s those young guys getting shots up. It comes from an internal love of the game. It also comes from those older guys.”

Lots and lots of links to rankings and stuff: FanRagSports’ Jon Rothstein has Texas Tech at #22 . . . USA Today’s Coaches Poll also has Texas Tech ranked 22nd as does the AP Top 25 Poll . . . CBS Sports’ Gary Parrish has Texas Tech ranked #25 with Texas Tech’s next opponent after Seton Hall being #26 Nevada . . . there is a site called College Poll Tracker and if you ever wanted to keep track with how someone is voting on the AP poll, then you can go there to check out Carlos Silva’s most recent poll, where he has Texas Tech #18, but still has Northwestern at #24 . . .

Texas Tech Football

RedRaiderSports’ Matt Clare spoke with one of the two newest Texas Tech commits WR Myller Royal and he talked about why he committed:

“Kingsbury coming back was a main focal point,” Royals said. “Mostly because I wanted to know he would be back, and not just me, it was important to me and a lot of the other commitments. I have a group message with a lot of the other commitments and even though I was comfortable committing, it helped a lot knowing that the coaching staff would be back next season.”

Royal also says that he is graduating early and will arrive in December, so he’ll get a leg up on the competition.

Royal also spoke with Big Country Homepage about his commitment, so if you want to see some video of Royals talking, there you go.


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