The Morning Stake

The Morning Stake | 2017.12.09

Your daily dose of Texas Tech athletics.


This looks to be a pretty quiet day, except for the Army-Navy game (2:00 p.m. on CBS), which is almost always appointment football for me.

There was also some discussion this week about whether or not I’m either a robot or have been cloned into multiple Seth C’s and I am here to report that I’m neither. I am merely a human with unhealthy sleep patterns. Believe it or not, this stuff is still really fun for me and at some point, I’ll have to give this up, but I’m not ready yet. The kids’ activities and things like that are starting to creep into blogging time, but for now, I’ve been able to keep things at bay. As always, I appreciate your support and continued clicks.

Texas Tech Basketball

Texas Tech Football

You can check out the entire AP All-Big 12 team where this grouping is better than most that I’ve seen.

This will be a call back, but former Texas Tech assistant coach with Tommy Tuberville, Robert Prunty was named the head coach at Hampton University


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