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The Morning Stake | 2018.01.29

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Jenson Update. Just to catch you all up, a tumor was discovered in Jenson’s head. Surgery was on Wednesday of last week and went home yesterday. One of my brothers and I traveled to San Diego on Friday and got back yesterday. Jenson made it through surgery, they think they removed all of the tumor and now we just have to wait for the pathology results, which should arrive on today or tomorrow. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all of your good thoughts last week and we’re hoping for good news in the next day or two.

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Gift from Cody Campbell. I know that you all have already covered this, but I’m a bit behind. Cody Campbell gave what is probably a significant gift to be used on the renovations to the south end zone of Jones AT&T Stadium and the traning facility.

I haven’t seen the amount reported, but I’d imagine that a public records request could get that amount.

Additions. Wanted to get to a couple of additions since I’ve been out. And to clarify, because this is either intended to be a sarcastic comment or something else, every team is limited to 20 walk-ons. A roster may only have 105 players, 85 scholarship and 20 walk-ons. A preferred walk-on is someone that is essentially guaranteed a spot with the team, so the preferred walk-ons are pretty much guaranteed to be on the team next year as preferred walk-ons and not scholarship players. On Saturday Lubbock Cooper safety / linebacker Jake Kirkpatrick has decided to play for Texas Tech as a preferred walk-on and yesterday Klein kicker / punter Trey Wolff also committed as a preferred walk-on. I haven’t understood the high level argument to somewhat trash these preferred walk-ons committing because every team has them, every team is limited to 20, and every team uses them particularly with special teams play. I get being down on the program, but these kids seemingly don’t deserve that. Preferred walk-ons committing has literally happened every year (this is from 2016 and I thought I ranked the preferred walk-ons in 2017, but I can’t find the post) so I don’t get what’s different, or maybe I don’t get the point of the negativity (this may be because I have little patience for negativity right now).


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