Five Post Game Thoughts: Kansas 74, Texas Tech 72

The Red Raiders fall short against Kansas.

  • That was not a jump ball.
  • This team can’t win for losing, they get Zach Smith back and then immediately lose Justin Gray after getting knocked out within 15 seconds of the first half. It’s amazing that this team has stayed in it after essentially losing at least 1 starter for what seems like 2/3 of the season. If you ever wanted to know how resilient this team is, then this is a pretty good indication.
  • The tough thing about all of this is that the Texas Tech defense is just a bit slow because Keenan Evans can’t rotate quite like he should in order for the defense to really work well. Texas Tech cheats on the ball side of the offense and most teams don’t have four shooters sitting on the floor that can swing the ball as well as Kansas can swing the ball.
  • Without Evans being himself, Texas Tech essentially took Kansas to the last minute and just couldn’t finish. I know that his doe isn’t going to be any better and I hope like heck that he can gain some semblance of what he has been for the better part of the year.
  • If you had to get one takeaway from the game, know that your freshmen didn’t shy away from the action. They were your leading scorers and I know that this isn’t necessarily the time to talk about the future, but man, this team has a ridiculously bright future. They fell short of winning the Big 12, but don’t let falling just a tad short take away from what’s been a pretty terrific season.

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