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Coach Profile: Dave Scholz | Strength and Conditioning

It’s a strength coach.

Name: Dave Scholz

Position: Head Strength & Conditioning

Alma Mater: Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Thoughts: Scholz has spent most of his time at or with folks from Utah State. Getting his degree at Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Scholz played at Wisconsin-Eu Claire. He hopped on at Utah State after getting his master’s degree from Utah State in 2008, he then was a graduate assistant and interned with the Aggies. He spent a year interning with the 49ers and Vikings before returning and Scholz officially became the head strength & conditioning coach at Utah State from 2013 until this past year and now he’s in charge of your Red Raiders. There was a lot of consternation about retaining Rusty Whitt and I think that if you go into these coaching changes with the presumption that every coach is going to be replaced then you can’t be disappointed. That’s actually industry standard to be honest and it is rare to retain a coach. We’ve figured this out before, which is that the S&C head coach is the guy that spends most of the time with the players. So, it makes sense that Scholz is going to be a guy that Wells absolutely trusts, he’s been with him as long as he’s been a head coach. This only makes sense. If you check out Scholz Twitter profile it is a ton of photos of players who have transformed their body under his guidance. Also of note, UTah State graduates 92% of their players. That’s damn impressive. Of course, that has nothing to do with Scholz. I don’t know if Scholz is a good strength coach. I’m guessing that he has a decent record of developing players and Wells trusts him implicitly.


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