Texas Tech Receivers Coach to Oregon

Texas Tech is down a position coach.

The reason I wrote the title of the post as “Texas Tech Receivers Coach to Oregon” because I wasn’t sure if we’d all know who Javon Bouknight was since he had only been in Lubbock for perhaps 6 weeks and he is now moving to Oregon. Via FootballScoop:

Oregon: Source tells FootballScoop that Texas Tech outside receivers coach Jovon Bouknight is expected to join the Oregon staff as receivers coach. Bouknight spent the past ten seasons on staff with new Texas Tech head coach Matt Wells at Utah State, coaching the outside receivers the past two seasons before leaving for Lubbock with Wells in early December of 2018.

In the comments yesterday, there was some thought that Texas Tech head coach Matt Wells should have just hired Emmett Jones, who ended up at Kansas with Les Miles, but we didn’t know if Jones really wanted to stay in Lubbock and it would seem logical that Wells didn’t hire Bouknight with the thought that he’d leave after 6 weeks. Regardless, I think that Bouknight having spent the past 10 years with Wells that there was/is a good relationship there, but who knows what happened. Maybe Bouknight decided after the fact that he wanted to be closer to Utah?

Brett Vito, who writes for the Denton-Record Chronicle, tweeted this last night:


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