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The Morning Stake | 2019.09.16

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Internalizing Losses. I don’t know what about age that does this, but for whatever reason, my ability to internalize a loss significantly improves over the years. I don’t know if it’s caring less, I don’t think I care less, but it certainly doesn’t affect me in the same way that losses used to affect me a few years ago. I think part of it may be that there were so many programs that were in a funk and with the basketball and baseball teams pulling themselves up, there’s a heck of a lot more wins than losses, so maybe I internally know that the wins will happen. The problem is that you sort of need the football team to pull its weight too, so I’m not dismissing that thought at all. Regardless, on Sunday morning, I wasn’t sour, maybe it’s because I had too much to do on Sunday I simply didn’t allow myself to think about it all that much. I will say that this is a 7-win defense, I’m pretty certain about that. I think the offense has to figure things out, but that defense is going to win games and I don’t know that I’m used to thinking that way.

Maybe the other part of it is that I simply don’t have time to dwell on bad things for the blog. We, as a staff, sort of have to have a somewhat rational discussion about things after a loss or win.

As far as the rest of this week is concerned, it will be relatively light from my end of things, I’ll report on the position ratings tomorrow and also a look at the Big 12 with 3 weeks in the books.

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Post-Game Press Conference. This wasn’t available on Sunday morning, but I do encourage you to watch. At the 9 minute mark, head coach Matt Wells expresses what we are all thinking about how the running game was really sort of rolling, but then would have a gain of 0 yards and then your offense is in a bad spot and then it sort of snowballs. Wells was also pretty critical of the defensive line, which yes, they certainly weren’t perfect, but not bad either. I think Wells needed them to stop Arizona on that 99 yard drive (obviously) and that the secondary needs to be stronger. Anyway, the point is that I think Wells verbalizes what I think a lot of you are thinking.

A-J Media’s Don Williams has a notebook from the game where there are soem of the quotes about the defense:

“We’ve got to be stronger (in the secondary),” Wells said, “but part of that coverage has got to be tied to the front. I know we didn’t have enough pressure on him (Tate). He’s sitting back there combing his hair. It looks like 7-on-7 to him.

“Everybody wants to blame the secondary. It’s actually twofold. It’s got to be probably some tighter coverage, but I thought a few times early we played well in the secondary and we were breaking on balls.

“I think part of maybe being worn out was a lack of a pass rush. That was a result of it.”

DallasNews’ Chuck Carlton has some of the quotes where Wells verbalized the offense:

“I thought offensively we played well at times. It just wasn’t consistent enough,” new coach Matt Wells said. “It was like, we played well. Then we have a rush for zero, an incomplete pass and you’re looking at third-and-10. That happened to us a few times just past the 50.

“The consistency of it is just not there yet.”


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