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The Morning Stake | 2019.10.11

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Oral History of Jim and Pam’s Wedding. Via Entertainment Weekly, it’s been 10 years since Jim and Pam were married on The Office and the actors, writers and producers discuss that episode:

KALING: It was a pretty fresh slate. When it became an hourlong episode, obviously there has to be so much more incident than a normal episode, so coming up with the different story lines to fill up the hour was pretty fun. I remember Greg and I sitting at a café in Westwood and really spending most of the time talking about Kevin [Brian Baumgartner] losing his shoes because his feet smelled so bad that they were thrown out at the hotel, and then he had to wear tissue boxes on his feet. I think we ended up spending this entire session talking about the details behind how, not even that they were thrown away, but that they had to be destroyed as if they were toxic and could have hurt other people. No one besides us who wrote it and are comedy writers and are immature would think that part of it was so funny.

DANIELS: We wanted it to be like the Office movie. One of the great things about it was seeing the characters outside. Like, you never saw Kevin at home, so you didn’t get to see them doing much of life. It really opened up a lot of fun story pitches for all the different characters. And a wedding is a classic comedy setting; like, all Shakespeare comedies end with a wedding.

Texas Tech Volleyball

Texas Tech Soccer

Texas Tech 1, West Virginia 0. The program has never won on the road at Morgantown and this team is now 11-1-1 overall, and 3-0-1 in conference.

Texas Tech Golf

Texas Tech Softball

Lady Raider Basketball

Texas Tech Baseball

Texas Tech Basketball

The Texas Tech men’s basketball team will take on UTEP at 8 p.m. (CT) on Saturday in a charity exhibition at the Don Haskins Center in El Paso.

UTEP will donate all proceeds to the GECU Foundation in support of the shooting victims of the tragedy in El Paso which took the lives of 22 and injured 24 on August 3rd. Tickets for the #ElPasoStrong exhibition are $10 with general admission seating and the game will be broadcasted on the radio by Geoff Haxton and Clark Lammert on Double T 97.3 and throughout the TTSN. The exhibition will not be televised or streamed.

Texas Tech Football

Uniforms. I think this was the same uniform combination the team wore on the road against Oklahoma State last year in the upset win.


Bednarik Watch List.

Justin Murphy Goes Off on Dana Holgorsen. Former Texas Tech offensive lineman, Justin Murphy, medically retired while at Texas Tech, then played as a graduate transfer at UCLA, and a second graduate transfer at Houston. Well, things apparently did not go according to plan and he was forced to medically retire. You can click on the tweet to read the whole thing. It does not paint Dana Holgorsen in a positive light, but this is obviously one side of the conversation.

Miscellaneous . . . AthlonSports’ Nicholas Ian Allen previews and predicts Texas Tech vs. Baylor . . . DallasNews’ Brice Paterik predicts the Texas Tech vs. Baylor game . . . . Lindy’s Sports previews Texas Tech vs. Baylor . . .


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