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The Morning Stake | 2019.10.18

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Survival. Via ESPN’s Mina Kimes, Houston Texan’s receiver DeAndre Hopkins’ mother has never seen him play because she lost her vision when a woman threw acid in her face in a jealous fit of rage:

Every time the Houston Texans play at home, DeAndre Hopkins’ mother, Sabrina Greenlee, sits in the same spot in the end zone, close enough to the field to hear the ball smack against the turf. It’s Week 2, and Houston is playing the Jacksonville Jaguars; she’s flanked by her two daughters, sitting perfectly still as the countdown clock ticks down to zero. When it’s time for the home team to run through the gate, a massive flamethrower erupts nearby. Greenlee recoils, and her eyes, which are the same cloudy shade of white as an overcast sky, glisten from the heat. A few minutes later, Hopkins emerges from the tunnel — he’s always the last player on offense to come out, Greenlee explains — and she smiles.

She can’t see her son, but she knows he’s there.

Seventeen years. That’s how long it has been since she lost her vision when a woman she didn’t know threw acid at her face, blinding and disfiguring her in a bout of jealous rage. Greenlee was a single mother of four in South Carolina, caught up in abusive relationships, hustling to survive. DeAndre was 10 years old. Over time, she regained her sight in spurts, but it disappeared completely a few years ago, just as her son was emerging as one of the NFL’s brightest stars. Since then, millions of people have watched the Texans wide receiver dive for otherworldly catches on the national stage, racking up more receptions through the first six seasons of a career than any other player in NFL history. Greenlee sees Hopkins’ highlights only in her mind. “I visualize everything that he does,” she says. “The dreads, the body movement.”

Out of Time. It is shocking sometimes where the time goes for me, but maybe it shouldn’t be. This morning, I finished the Iowa State vs. Texas Tech preview at 5:45 and have now done this Morning Stake in about 15 minutes. That obviously means that I didn’t really do a separate post about the Big 12 predicted order of finish (this is voted on by the coaches).

I hope you make today a great day!

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