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The Morning Stake | 2020.01.15

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They Like That Soft Bread. Via The Bitter Southerner:

Back in the school’s parking lot, we’d peel the foil off our sandwiches, gossiping and giggling, washing that stolen half-hour down with weightless frozen Mountain Dew swirled into giant foam cups. Imagine it in Kodachrome: two teenage girls enjoying gas station food without the intrusion of irony or Instagram. Week in and week out, our orders were an early exercise in the comfort of sameness. Always hoagies. Always steamed.

All Knoxvillians know about steamed sandwiches. In fact, all Knoxvillians know steamed sandwiches so very deeply in their consciousness that they rarely consider their standard hot-ham-and-cheese has, in fact, been steam-heated. It’s so widespread — such a default — that most people seem puzzled if you poke around to find out why we do it this way. You get a lot of shrugs, a lot of “Well. I never really thought about it.”

In Knoxville, we understand hot deli sandwiches are called hoagies; we understand they should be soft and squishy; we understand (at least implicitly) they should be made that way by a joyride in a Fresh-O-Matic steamer, which is about the size of a big microwave and retails for $1,370.

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Miscellaneous . . .

    • I think I forgot to mention this, but you don’t need me to mention something to know that it’s happened. After initially committing to play at Tulane, Jett Duffey stated on Twitter that he was open and this wasn’t going to work out. There was some Tulane beat reporters that Duffey didn’t qualify academically, but that doesn’t smell right for me, you’d think you’d cross that “t” before you make that commitment. I think that a place like Miami would welcome him with open arms.
    • Oklahoma State running back Chuba Hubbard will return to the 2020 Cowboys squad and he’s a really talented runner that didn’t have a great game against Texas Tech. That’s 2,094 rushing yards and 21 rushing touchdowns returning.
    • Speaking of Oklahoma State, Kasey Dunn was named as the offensive coordinator and was previously the receivers coach. Dunn has been at Oklahoma State since 2011 so there’s no telling what kind of offense to expect and he’s never been an offensive coordinator.
    • And as the world turns, the Texas Longhorns hired Oklahoma State offensive coordinator (although he was at Ohio State for a year or so) Mike Yurich. I think that Oklahoma State fans weren’t real happy with Yurich, but most fans don’t like their offensive coordinator . . . unless that fan is an LSU fan.
    • And Baylor is looking for a new head coach after Matt Rhule took the Carolina Panthers’ job. According to FootballScoop, there are a few options, including Virginia Tech’s Justin Fuente:

      In addition to Fuente, sources tell FootballScoop Billy Napier interviewed today and Mack Rhoades was interested in speaking with LSU defensive coordinator Dave Aranda as well. Arkansas State head coach Blake Anderson and current Baylor assistant Joey McGuire are also believed to be candidates.

    • Also according to FootballScoop Art Briles is expected to be named as the head coach at Missouri State. Amazing.

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