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The Morning Stake | 2020.01.22

Your daily dose of all things Texas Tech athletics.

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Lubbock In The Loop. Check out Lubbock In The Loop for all of your weekend plans and activities. Also, please check out the beautifully done Christmas page for holiday fun times!
Podcasts. Check out your guys, Spencer and Michael, on 23 Personnel Podcast, a Texas Tech athletics podcast where food and sports clash at the goal line, as well as Keith Patrick and Dinger Derby, the only, yes only, podcast about Texas Tech baseball.

Name, Image And Likeness Legislation May Cause Significant Title IX Turmoil. Via Forbes:

β€œThere are some scenarios that seem to at least require further analysis before dismissing them as third party payments,” says Julie Roe Lach, Of Counsel with Church Church Hittle + Antrim, a group of attorneys with NCAA national office experience who advise institutions and individuals on Title IX matters.

β€œFor instance, I could foresee some approval process that includes institution involvement if and when student athletes engage with these third parties opportunities. Although no funds would be coming from the institution, the institution would need to administer that approval process in a way that meets Title IX and NCAA compliance obligations and ensure that there are equal standards set to review opportunities for males and females.”

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Preview. BaseballAmerica has a nice preview of Texas Tech, there’s a lot there, so please click on over, but here’s how BA thinks Texas Tech gets to Omaha:

Path to Omaha: In the last couple of seasons, Texas Tech has relied on its prolific offense to carry the load while tinkering with its pitching staff throughout the season. In 2020, the clearest path to Omaha might be the inverse. If Dallas, McMillon and Bonnin hold down their starting spots from the beginning, and a handful of those hard throwers carve out bullpen roles right away, it could take some heat off of a lineup that might have to use up a good portion of the season to find its footing.


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