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The Morning Stake | 2020.02.03

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The Ghost Hunter | For hundreds of years, there were rumors of a shipwrecked treasure on the Oregon coast. But no one found anything, until Cameron La Follette began digging. You’re going to want to save this one and read it. A bit of history, folklore, shipwrecks. Via Atavist:

The story goes like this: Sometime around the year 1694, a ship wrecked near the foot of a mountain in Oregon. The area’s indigenous people named the peak Neahkahnie (knee-ah-kah-knee), “the place of the god”—a wide, tall mountain that appears to rise out of the Pacific Ocean like a giant climbing out of a bathtub. Its shoulders are cloaked in a dense forest of spruce and cedar, where elk find refuge in mists and leave hoofprints in the mud. For more than three centuries, the Nehalem-Tillamook people have told the tale of a ship that crashed there, a devastating collision of man and nature.

The ship was a Manila galleon, a “castle of the sea,” dispatched across the vast Pacific Ocean from the Philippines to Mexico and carrying the finest goods known to man: ivory statues, delicate china, exotic spices, golden silk. To lose a galleon was to experience death hundreds of times over: hundreds of men and boys foundering in inky black water, hundreds of hearts ceasing to beat, hundreds of lungs inhaling water. It also threatened the life of an economy. Only one or two galleons sailed east for Acapulco each year, packed with thousands of pounds of treasure. The cargo was traded for silver, which was brought back to Manila and then traded to the Chinese emperor. When the galleon wrecked near Neahkahnie, its cargo likely plunged into the ocean. Sculptures of virgins and saints spiraled down like white torpedoes. Blocks of beeswax plummeted like boulders. The ornate blue and white porcelain never stood a chance against the coast’s sharp rocks.

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Double-Digit Win Against Oklahoma State. A really nice win, but Oklahoma State is only 3-6 in conference, while Texas Tech is 3-5. Texas Tech was 4-14 in 2018-19 and I think there are still some wins on the schedule. Up next is Kansas State on Wednesday.

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Tariq Owens’ First NBA Basket.

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Kansas City Chiefs Win Super Bowl, Patrick Mahomes Wins MVP. It’s all sort of insane to think about this, that he was a quarterback for Texas Tech, that he’s only 24 years old, has already won a league MVP, a Super Bowl MVP, and a Super Bowl ring. It was pretty awesome to watch Mahomes and Andy Reid celebrate, of course the two of them and Eric Bieniemy are an incredible combination. That spin move play was “stolen” from Michigan in the 1949 Rose Bowl.

National Signing Day, February 5th.


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