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The Morning Stake | 2020.04.16

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Every day I wonder how I’m going to fill a Morning Stake and then some way, some how, it magically happens. When I start writing the Morning Stake the evening before I post, I always think that it won’t be enough content because there’s a pandemic happening, and then the bucket gets filled up.

CBS Sports reports that the commissioners that talked to the Vice President yesterday said that no college sports would happen until students return to campus.

“Our players are students. If we’re not in college, we’re not having contests,” said Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby, who was on the call.

“Our message was, we need to get universities and colleges back open, that we were education-based programs, and we weren’t going to have sports until we had something closer to normal college going on,” he added.

This is a pretty stupid stance to have without knowing what’s going to happen over the next month or so. If the health professionals say that sports can happen, but just without fans, then it would seem strange to pass up all of that television money just to have students on campus and in the stands. I don’t know. I think some of the arguments is that this would signal to everyone that college athletics are really not about college sports. Well, yeah.

There was also the thought that so much of the budgets come from ticket sales and personally, you sort of have to take what you can get and not be concerned with everything being absolutely perfect.

And all of this is predicated on the idea that it would be safe for the student-athletes.

The Lady Raiders received a transfer today in 6’1″ guard Emma Clarke from Colorado, who started 29 games for the Buffs. Clarke averaged 9.7 points a game, 4.6 rebounds, making 38% of her shots and 30% of her three-point shots (she took a ton of those three-point shots and led the team with 159 attempts). Emma is originally from Perth, Australia Welcome Emma!

Rivals’ Eric Bossi writes about the best transfers pick-ups for teams and Jamarius Burton got a mention:

Bossi’s take: Fit is everything, and Burton’s athletic and attacking style looks to be a perfect fit for Chris Beard and the Red Raiders. Beard and his staff have also been successful with transfers and that track record doesn’t hurt. Burton is one of the more underrated transfer portal pickups in the country and appeared to be on the verge of big things at Wichita State.

RedRaiderSports’ Ben Golan talked to preferred walk-on tight end Jayden York, who caught 32 passes for 665 yards and 12 touchdowns for Bowie as a senior.

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