The New Recruiting

It’s a brand new world.

This was all over social media yesterday, a huge push on Monday for the coaches to be virtually recruiting. I’m not completely sure how all of this works, but my guess is that the coaches have reached out to a bunch of high school coaches, scheduled some Zoom meetings, and they get to connect.

Here’s now the coaches ramped up on Monday morning (this is not all of them, just some of them):

By the end of the day, there were high school coaches that were tweeting out a similar graphic, but this used the hashtag #straightlinerecruiting as a shout-out to those high school coaches. That’s a big deal, college coaches going directly to the high school coaches rather than the trainers (which isn’t necessarily bad). High school coaches have felt a bit left out with a bunch of these trainers that train these athletes on the side, so the idea of going straight to the high school coaches themselves as a feature is a big deal.

And whatever Texas Tech is doing, it is working, at least right now. RedRaiderSports’ Matt Clare compiled the number of commits with Big 12 programs since late March, and Iowa State leads the way with 6, but Texas Tech has 6, followed by Baylor and Kansas with 5. I think I’d rather be on this side of having a handful of commits despite not being able to see or physically visit with player than Kansas State that has zero commits in the month or so since the quarantine has been in place.

I think that this also signals a bit about how the staff is really pushing themselves out to those high school coaches. Selling themselves to an extent and that’s kind of what you have to do as an assistant coach. You have to sell your program, how you can develop players, and that’s been a huge theme since Jordyn Brooks was drafted in the NFL Draft’s first round.

Without question, being able to show high school coaches how they can develop players, especially in such a short period of time like they did with Brooks. Changing Brooks’ body in a year is impressive and it showed up on the field. The coaches are striking while the iron is hot.

I’d also like to add that Teagan Smith is on the football staff and she’s the person behind all of these graphics and the social media aspect of how the football program presents itself on social media.


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