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The Morning Stake | 2020.12.01

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This is only suggested for discussion purposes. I have no inside information and something I suggested on Sunday to the writers on Slack and thought I’d ask the same thing here.

The Los Angeles Chargers are currently 3-8, a hard-luck 3-8, and their head coach is Anthony Lynn. A great former Red Raider footballer. If Lynn was let go by the Chargers, and assuming that Lynn is not an NFL lifer and is interested, would you as a fan be interested in Lynn as the next head coach for Texas Tech? Lynn is 29-31 as a head coach, 30-32 in the playoffs.

Kyle suggested Lovie Smith at Illinois as a comparison, an NFL guy who was an NFL head coach who returned to his alma mater to coach. I think that’s pretty well spot-on in terms of a comparison, maybe Herm Edwards too, but Edwards was out for such a long time and not really a coach for such a long period of time.

This is something I think is 95% improbable, but thought the discussion interesting.

St. John’s canceled their game on Thursday due to concerns about the Coronavirus. Texas Tech is working on a replacement game and I have no idea who that would be, but presume that Mark Adams and Scott Sutton are on the case.

Missouri cancelled their game with the Lady Raiders that was set for Thursday because of concerns regarding COVID-19 within their own program. The Lady Raiders are also working on a replacement, but have no idea who is on the case.

I’d also add that this recent string of games has been exhausting for someone who writes previews and recaps for each game. There were 4 games to cover in 5 days and I’m not used to that sort of out-put. It will be interesting to see how things go with the replacement game and how much time I’ll be able to do a preview.

Not going to lie. On Saturday, I sort of checked out. Spent some time with the kids and didn’t watch the football game until Sunday around 3:30 in the morning. That’s how I party. I had no idea that Texas Tech was without offensive line coach Steve Farmer. Avalanche Journal’s Don Williams reports that Famer and strength and conditioning coach David Scholz were not available because of COVID-1, graduate assistant John Cannova and Mark Tommerdahl helped with the offensive line.

Avalanche Journal’s Don Williams covers the press conference from this week, and head coach matt Wells said that this week is the senior game and a revenge game (yes really):

“Put on the tape from last year,” Wells said Monday. “We remember. We remember that game in Lawrence really good. This is all about us, how we prepare, how we practice … getting ready to go, sending these seniors out the right way.”

Also mentioned is that Wells said that he expects 11 commitments to sign starting on December 16th, with half of them joining in January.

The AP Poll was released yesterday and Texas Tech dropped 3 spots to #17.

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