The Morning Stake | 2021.01.18

I would love to tell you that my life is a bit less hectic, but that would not be true. My secretary had to quarantine because her son caught Covid to start the year and then she caught it as they were in the same house, and so work has just been insane and I’m keeping up. I fully acknowledge that I’m happy to have a job that I get to go to every day, so I’m certainly not feeling sorry for myself or anything like that, just incredibly busy and time to do the Morning Stake has fallen by the wayside. More than anything, I’m just tired (not in the sick way, but in the way of me not getting enough sleep and probably working too much).

Maybe things will get better and maybe they won’t, I don’t know, but I am doing my best. I hope you all are staying safe and are healthy and as happy as you can possibly be.

Lady Raider Basketball

It seems like it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to check in with the Lady Raiders. Losses at Oklahoma State, a 1-point loss to Oklahoma at home, a loss to Iowa State at home, then a loss on the road to West Virginia, and yesterday, a bit of redemption as the ladies beat No. 21 Texas, 74-66 on the same day that a bench outside the United Supermarkets Arena was dedicated to Noel Johnson, who died after a battle with cancer in 2020. Vivian Gray had a double-double, 24 points and 13 rebound, with 3 of the other 4 starters, Lexi Gordon, Naje Murray, and Maka Jackson, getting double-figures. The upcoming schedule features a road game against Kansas and then at in Forth Worth against TCU.

Track and Field

Me attempting to give you all a summary of what happens in a track meet when there hasn’t been a track meet for Texas Tech in 10 months is an exercise in futility. There’s just so much that happens. So if this is something that interests you then please read the recap. Based on the recap, this year’s team appears to be strong to quite-strong.


The transfers and freshmen who are entering the program mid-term arrived on Saturday. Five transfers and four freshmen.

  • Tight End Jed Castles (Wichita Falls Rider) [6-7/225]
  • Tight end Mason Tharp (Klien) [6-8/230]
  • Wide receiver Jerand Bradley (DeSoto) [6-5/210]
  • Quaterback Behren Morton (Eastland) [6-3/185]
  • Safety Malik Dunlap (North Carolina State) [6-3/215]
  • Linebacker Jesiah Pierre (Florida) [6-2/245]
  • Offensive Lineman Matt Keeler (Coffeyville C.C.) [6-6/295]
  • Safety Marquis Waters (Duke) [6-1/200]
  • Defensive End Bobby Young (Elite Sports Prep) [6-4/235]

The roster is also updated with photos of all of these guys (they are near the bottom as they don’t have assigned numbers yet).

Spring Sports

I’d love to tell you all about all of the spring sports underway, but this is where I run out of time. I know that tennis, golf, softball, and baseball are all starting to ramp up and volleyball will start practices soon as well.

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