Texas Tech Football Notebook: First Day of Pads

Getting going.

Well, I thought that things would be a day late with the video posting and here we are. This is a non-transcript of head coach Matt Wells. Let’s get to it.

Tyler Shough brings experience and a competitive nature, I can already see that in two practices, he has had significant playing time in Oregon and played well. He’s bringing competitive depth to that room. It was a 10 day process that was fairly significant in terms of conversations on Zoom with Tyler, his mom, and his dad, and glad to have him as a Red Raider. Two days in he is in helmets and jerseys and full gear on Saturday morning.

Some of the highlights, before I get into the o-line and d-line, Marquis Waters with a good interceptions. The receivers came down with some 50/50 catches, Eric [Ezukanma], Trey [Cleveland], Loic [Fouonji], just some nice catches with the receivers. O-line and d-line, will reserve comment until I see the tape.

There is good competitive depth [at quarterback], there are seven and can’t play all of those guys, they are divided out from skele’s to one-on-one’s and Coach Cumbie does a good job of rotating those guys around. We have to have one win it and take the reins, but we have to build the depth in that room. Behren [Morton] and Donovan [Smith] redshirted, Maverick hasn’t played much, Henry [Columbi] has improved.

We’re a little later than we have been in the last couple of years, wanted 7 1/2 weeks of offseason conditioning. We’re going back-to-back practices 3 times, which is tougher on the guys which is good. Have gone from three scrimmages to two scrimmages. We need to see these guys in live reps, we did 10 minutes of live reps today. The two scrimmages will be next Friday night April 2nd and then the 17th.

Kobee Minor had a couple of big PBU’s coming off of his true freshman year, he’s gotten fast and bigger in the weight room. He’s gotten a lot of reps, Jones and Patterson are excited about him. The freshmen have to learn and stack success on top of each other, develop consistency, he certainly flashed today.

Donovan [Smith] has progressed, Drew our trainer is extremely pleased and he is not on a pitch count, he looks good doing it, he’s athletic and he’s another quarterback that needs a ton of reps.

I think that helps Tyler [Shough] in terms of confidence, he’s calm and lets the game come to him, that’s based off of 2 practices, he’s had live bullets in the Pac-12, he’s been the #1 back-up to Justin Herbert, those are 3 years of reps at a high level program and you can’t replace those live reps, I think it gives him confidence and calmness, the variable here is learning the offense and the code words with the line and timing with the receivers.

[Who improved the most in the offseason?] The guys that come to my mind are Josh Burger, his first real offseason, he’s made a lot of gains, Ethan Carde, Weston Wright has gained strength. Jaylon Hutchings, Tony Bradford, Tyree Wilson are all stronger. Brandon Randle has learned up, some of the newcomers have made good strides, we are bigger, stronger and the development part of this program is a key part of the program, developing that talent when we get in here.

The transfers and then the four freshmen. The four high school guys we saw all of them live, from an evaluation standpoint, that was huge, we saw them compete live and in basketball. They were not sight unseen. The transfers were evaluated strictly off of film. Verify stuff has been a challenge in the last 14 months, haven’t been on the road since January. Now we are doing it by Zoom, the evaluation has to be good from film and video, from a transfer standpoint it is easier, it is a live interaction, got no other choice, have to do it facetime and phone calls and make the best of it.

Weston Wright, Josh Burger, and Clayton Franks, Caleb Rogers a little bit, not in any team, but those 3 have taken reps with the 1’s and 2’s. Storment planning early on to get him comfortable to get him at left and right tackle, keeping him at the tackle position, we may change that later, he’s a football junkie, he picks things up quick, he’s a veteran, he’s mature, big and strong, I’m glad that T.J. Storment is here. He does everything the right way, I’m glad he’s a Red Raider.

I don’t ever do the players, largely because I usually lack time, but you typically don’t get the news that’s associated with the head coach talking.

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