Texas Tech Football: Let’s Talk About Two Good Things

Honoring the football alumni.

With all of the basketball news, there were some things that I thought were really good things, but maybe went unnoticed and I don’t think they should go unnoticed.

In the grand scheme of things, these two things are largely inconsequential and don’t mean very much. These aren’t wins, extra gainz, faster sprints, or some sort of accolade that’s going to have an effect on the field next year. At least most likely.

The first thing is that the program asked any and all former players to come back and be a part of the spring game, at least, that’s the idea I can surmise. So these former Red Raider footballers line up and the entire team goes by to shake their hands.

Item number two is that a lot of these former players were asked to come in and personally hand out the letter jackets to the players who earned them last year, almost like a Masters jacket (a tradition like no other), and head coach Matt Wells says, “we play for the guys who came before us, we play for the guys who are in the locker room, and you play for the ones who are going to come after you.” There are a lot of happy smiles and pride as these players are putting on those letter jackets.

I absolutely understand that these things are superficial, but I hope you also understand that these are important things and it does hit me right in the feels. I think there is really something to honoring the past and recognizing those who came before you. I think that is important to have that personal one-on-one connection with a former player and important for former players to know that they are important and they are part of this program.

This seems like a really good tradition. And I know that starting a new tradition can sometimes rub people the wrong way, but if the people participating in this new thing are good with it and there’s a connection that wasn’t previously there, then that’s a really good thing in my estimation.

I’d also add that there are many shots of Rodney Allison in the photos and video and if Allison is behind it, who runs the letterman’s association, the Double T Varsity Club, then it’s a good thing. Allison has seemingly always been a guy that bridges pretty much any gap and if he’s participating, then I’m most likely on board.

Like I said at the beginning, this isn’t any extra win, but it is a good thing and head coach Matt Wells deserves credit for implementing or putting both feet in behind this initiative.


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