Open Thread | 2022.03.15

It’s an off day for me.

Good morning! I hope all is well. I’m going to have a bit of a situation here today. Between the hours of 10 to 2 Pacific Time, the IP address for Staking The Plains is going change and I route my security through another service and they will have to update that IP address on their end for STP to be accessible. This of course is going to be happening while I’m on my way or in the Grand Canyon today, so expect hiccups. I’ll be doing my best, but there’s a very good chance there will be downtime today on STP.

In that time though, I’ve created a pool for anyone that wants to join. It’s for free and it is for fun.

CBS: 2022 Staking The Plains Bracket Challenge
Password: stakingtheplains

Hopefully I get everything with the site fixed by this evening. Hoping for the best.


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