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The Morning Stake | 2022.08.12

It’s Friday!


I don’t know why I like this sort of thing, maybe I like to know who is a good student (this does not mean that if someone is not on the list that they are a bad student), but the All-Big 12 Rookie Team. The requirements are a 3.00 and must have competed in a contest.


This isn’t pleasant, but I suppose that it is good that this was resolved. Multiple sources report that the federal lawsuit against Texas Tech and Kirby Hocutt by Marlene Stollings was dismissed as a settlement was reached. I don’t enjoy thinking about anyone being mistreated, but those were the allegations by players of Stollings and I still don’t think the program has recovered. Don’t ask me to explain why a portion of the lawsuit was able to continue when Leach’s lawsuit was dismissed, but think it might have to do with the Title IX claim (I’d treading on thin ice here). Regardless, I’m glad that there was a settlement and this chapter can close.


So we apparently are getting a second season of The Brand, which is sort of like a behind-the-scenes show about football camp. There will be four episodes and the first episode is to debut today at noon

The Athletic’s Bruce Feldman writes his annual freaks list with Jaylon Hutchings making the list:

86. Jaylon Hutchings, Texas Tech, defensive lineman
One of the strongest guys in FBS football, he benches 500 pounds and squatted 700, but he’s also a very quick, nimble athlete, having been a high school running back who ran for more than 700 yards. The 6-0, 305-pounder started 33 games the past three years and earned honorable mention All-Big 12 honors in 2021.

I cannot remember the last time a Texas Tech player made the list.

24/7 Sports’ Isaac Trotter has the most important game for every Big 12 team and for Texas Tech it is none other than TCU:

Away vs. TCU, Nov. 5

By the end of the year, new Texas Tech coach Joey McGuire should have all the kinks worked out. Texas Tech could be needing a win over in-state rival TCU in order to qualify for a bowl game. The Red Raiders defense has a chance to be really nasty. McGuire is a high-energy coach who should get the defense to play very well, but Texas Tech’s success could be measured by how quickly offensive coordinator Zach Kittley can get cooking. Obviously, the games against Texas and Oklahoma might be a little more high-profile for Texas Tech, but beating TCU could go a long way on the field and on the recruiting trail with both programs featuring new coaches trying to make their mark quickly.

“I’m really excited about what we can do with this team,” McGuire said. “But it’s really important to this fan base to get this team right and to win games, and, man, I’m just glad to be a part of it. I will say our fan base and probably my wife wants to win more than anybody, and so no pressure at home or anything like that, but hear it all the time.”


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