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The Morning Stake | 2023.03.29

Head coach watch.

Baseball dropped their lone mid-week game on the road against New Mexico, another walk-off win for an opponent, 11-10. I’m still not too concerned, but I’m also following from afar. TCU is up this weekend in Lubbock and I’ll be interested to see how home-cooking will help the team.

Do you believe in the Mean Green? The Mean Green upset Wisconsin last night, 56-54, which means that if Grant McCasland is to be the next head coach for Texas Tech, then we’ll have to wait until after tomorrow as UNT will play UAB. There seems to be discussion that FAU head coach Dusty May could be or should be in the mix, but that just hasn’t been leaked so I’m not sure if that’s fans wishing that May was in the mix or a potential reality.

Red Raider Sports’ Jarrett Ramirez summarized the Justin “Juice” Johnson media scrum along with receiver Jerand Bradley, Dray McCray, and Myles Price. Here’s a bit from Johnson on what he looks for in a receiver:

“In general, just receiver traits, you’re going to have different things. I talk to the guys all the time that everybody possesses a dominant trait. So Drae (McCray) might be a fast guy, (Jerand Bradley) might be a big guy, Myles (Price) might be a twitchy guy. Everybody’s going to have different traits that they possess, right, not one better than the other. We just talked about exercising that dominant trait all the time… I don’t need Myles to be JB, I don’t need JB to be anybody else. I don’t need Loic (Founji) to be anybody else here, I need everybody to be the best version of themselves.”

And another summary from Ramirez on secondary coach Marcel Yates, C.J. Baskerville, Rayshad Williams, and Nate Floyd. Here’s a bit on Yates talking about what his group needs to improve upon:

On what the group needs to improve on the most:

“We had too many missed assignments last year. What I mean by that, if the offensive player makes a great play, then that’s on me. If you’re in a position to make a play, and you don’t make the play, I’ll put that on me, the coach. But if guys are wide open, because they weren’t covered or things like that, those are things that we need to fix. Don’t just give them stuff, make it harder, that’s the thing… Last year all this stuff was new to them, the verbiage and everything. So now, they know the verbiage, so we need to get better with our technique.”


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