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The Morning Stake | 2023.09.14

So late.

Sorry for the delay today. Lots of after-work things with the kids the past few days.

Texas Tech announced that they’ve sold out the October 14th game with Kansas State. There are two remaining games where you can purchase tickets, TCU on November 2nd (a Thursday) and UCF on November 18th.

Texas Tech soccer (6-0-2) opens Big 12 play tonight at 7:00 pm hosting the Houston Cougars (6-1-1). Mean while, Sam Courtwright was named the Big 12 Freshman of the Week.

I won’t post this tomorrow, but volleyball will play in the SMU Doubletree Invitational playing SMU, LSU and TAMU-Corpus Christi.

The Athletic’s Sam Kahn writes about the college football general manager with Texas Tech’s James Blanchard getting quite a bit of ink (or pixels):

At Tech, McGuire wants his assistant coaches to spend as much time as possible on the current team, game planning and fostering relationships with current players while Blanchard and his staff — which includes three more full-timers and four student workers — spend their entire days on film evaluation and information gathering on recruits.

“Why would you give the most consideration to the people with the least amount of information?” Blanchard said. “College coaches are very good at a lot of things. They might watch 10-20 guys a week. Personnel guys, by the end of the week, we’ve watched 100 to 150 guys. It’s not necessarily that I’m that much better than you, I just have that many more reps.”

McGuire didn’t get immediate buy-in from everyone on staff when he first implemented this. For coaches who have done it differently for decades, he understood the hesitance. So he ensured the entire staff watched film together with the personnel department and discussed what they saw to provide clarity. But McGuire doesn’t expect most programs to adopt the setup any time soon.

“There’s not enough coaches who will 100 percent trust the guys in that group,” McGuire said. “There’s too many guys that are guarded and in line with the traditional way of doing things. And they’re also worried that ‘If I don’t get the right guy, I’m gonna get fired.’ I totally get it and I’m not discounting those thoughts.”


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