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BIG 12

TCU 24, #9 Oklahoma 28

Oklahoma’s playoff hopes are still alive, though on life support, after surviving at home against TCU. The Frogs climbed out of a 21-0 hole with some fantastic secondary play, limiting Jalen Hurts to 145 yards through the air and pulling in a 98-yard pick 6, but were ultimately unable to seal the comeback. While the passing game wasn’t as effective, the Sooners gained much more purchase on the ground, with Hurts running for 173 yards and RB Kennedy Brooks adding another 149. Oklahoma has clinched a re-match with Baylor in the Big 12 Championship game and have Bedlam versus Oklahoma State next weekend, while TCU closes out the season at home against WVU with bowl eligibility on the line.

Texas 10, #14 Baylor 24

In true 2019 Baylor fashion, the Bears secured their 10th win of the season in a game that was awful to watch, but for slightly different reasons than normal. Baylor took the lead and never looked back, taking a 21-3 score into the 4th quarter. Texas QB Sam Ehlinger only threw for 200 yards, no TD’s and an INT, and was sacked 5 times. Texas is already bowl eligible coming into their regular season finale against Texas Tech on Friday, and Baylor still has time to get Les Miles’d against Kansas before the Big 12 Championship, which will be hilarious and entirely meaningless. Like existence!

#21 Oklahoma State 20, West Virginia 13

Oklahoma State finally started leaning into the most obvious recipe for their success this season. That recipe? Chuba Hubbard, Chuba Hubbard, Chuba Hubbard. This column has been a known fan of the freshman Pokes RB this season, and the likely Heisman finalist comes out of his 11th game this season with 1,832 yards on the season. PREDICTION: I think he’ll go off on Oklahoma in Bedlam to eclipse 2,000 yards. For West Virginia’s part, they gutted out a tough game until losing steam due to being bludgeoned by OSU through the second half, giving up 10 points and the lead in the 4th quarter.

Kansas 31, #22 Iowa State 41

Another team learns the very hard lesson Tech learned in Lawerence, which is don’t sleep on the Jayhawks. Especially when they come to your house! It’s best to read the recap to really get a feel for the game, but the best way to sum it up is that Iowa State required 20 points in the 4th quarter to come back in Jack Trice, with the game-sealing touchdown coming with under 5 minutes left. Les Miles torpedoing unsuspecting Big 12 teams will be a hoot to watch over the coming seasons, and seems how it’s already happened to us it can’t happen again surely not. Those are the rules.


A Desert Is No Place For Water Fowl

The second worst phrase is ‘I think the University of Washington should not be slagged into a radioactive crater.” The actual worst phrase you can utter to an Oregon fan is “late season night game in Arizona as a ranked team.” There’s a history there, and some memories are worse than others. Herm Edwards’ Arizona State team is cagey in his first year, and, if any Oregon fan is being honest, this game looked like trouble from a mile off. Oregon’s playoff hopes for the season are once again buried in the Sonoran Desert. #7 Utah still has a shot at the Playoff, but really needed an Oregon win for a PAC-12 championship to hold more weight.

Schrodinger’s Reception

It’s college football not summer vacation football, so it’s always nice to see a student athlete demonstrate the finer points of quantum mechanics; I have no idea how both the DB and Shenault Jr. seemed to catch the ball simultaneously at two different positions but here we are

Eulogy for a Dead Rivalry

LSU used to play Arkansas at the end of the season every Friday after Thanksgiving, and the games were known for 1) that good good hate, and 2) ridiculous dumb football things that sometimes ended up with ranked LSU losing to unranked Arkansas (this has happened 3 times in the past 10 years). And then, stop me if you’ve heard this before, the Aggies came along and ruined it, just so that they could keep their Thanksgiving game tradition and fabricate a rivalry with a new conference opponent. Anyways, the Arkansas game is now just another game on the schedule, and after a 56-20 demolishing of the Hogs, noted enchanted swamp golem Ed Orgeron is not impressed.

Lord bless and keep anyone who is able to drop this line on a rival, it truly is the dream.

Ohio State: Worth Your Time!

#2 Ohio State is good. Like, really good. Though they played their closest game of the season with a 28-17 win over #8 Penn State this past weekend, they did it on the back of their all-universe defensive stud DE Chase Young (9 tackles, 3 sacks, 2 forced fumbles). Chase Young could bowl a 300 by just looking at the pins. Chase Young is as good as a juice cleanse for every QB he faces because even the toxins in their system want nothing to do with getting hit by him. What I’m saying is he’s good at football and you should watch Ohio State defenestrate Michigan this coming weekend.


If you lose to an unranked team, turns out you fall precipitously! Penn State is probably being overly-penalized, but that should even out after next week. All rankings AP.

  1. LSU (-)
  2. Ohio State (-)
  3. Clemson (-)
  4. Georgia (-)
  5. Alabama (-)
  6. Utah (⇑1)
  7. Oklahoma (⇑1)
  8. Florida (⇑2)
  9. Minnesota (⇑2)
  10. Michigan (⇑2)
  11. Baylor (⇑2)
  12. Penn State (⇓3)
  13. Wisconsin (⇑1)
  14. Oregon (⇓8)
  15. Notre Dame (-)
  16. Auburn (-)
  17. Memphis (⇑1)
  18. Cincinnati (⇓1)
  19. Iowa (-)
  20. Boise State (-)
  21. Oklahoma State (⇑1)
  22. Appalachian State (⇑1)
  23. Virginia Tech (⇑2)
  24. Navy (NR)
  25. Southern California (NR)

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