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The Morning Stake | 2019.11.26

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Lubbock In The Loop. Check out Lubbock In The Loop for all of your weekend plans and activities. Also, please check out the beautifully done Christmas page for holiday fun times!
Countdown to Kickoff. Check out Countdown to Kickoff at Talk 1340 featuring your guys from the 23 Personnel podcast, Spencer Rogers and Michael McDonald, along with Rob Breaux and Karson Robinson, 3 hours before kickoff each and every game!

There’s Finally Heart Health Data on Extreme Exercise Via OutsideOnline, for all of you who are exercising 35 hours a week! 35 hours a week!

After an average of 10 years of follow-up, two of the 66 extraordinary exercisers had died. Neither of the deaths were related to heart disease or other cardiovascular conditions. Overall, the results for the extraordinary group looked pretty much identical to the plain old high exercise group. They had similar BMI, VO2max, cholesterol, coronary artery calcification, and so on. The sample size is small, and the findings will get more rigorous as time passes and more subjects from all groups pass away. But for now, the lack of any obvious impact of exercising for 35 hours a week is a useful data point on a part of the graph with very little previous data.

If you’re a glass-half-empty kind of person, the takeaway here might be that ramping up your exercise to multiple hours per day doesn’t do anything more for your health beyond what you’d get from a much lower dose. Some of the previous data suggests that simply meeting the standard recommendations for physical activity—30 minutes of moderate exercise five times a week—will give you most of the available benefits. But on the glass-half-full side, it looks like going to extremes is not going to kill you either.

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AP Poll. Not a lot of movement in the latest AP Poll as Texas Tech remains at #12 with maybe the only difference being that every AP voter has ranked Texas Tech in the top 25, via CollegePollTracker. There will probably be a lot of movement with the holiday tournaments and really, Texas Tech hasn’t played anyone of note thus far, so their ranking is based solely on expectation and not so much out of results. That’s about to change.

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Butkus Award Finalist. Congrats to Jordyn Brooks on being named a finalist for the Butkus Award!


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