Texas Tech Hosts Sacramento State and Northern Colorado

Texas Tech will host Sacramento State for four games, starting tonight, and then on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, and then hosting Northern Colorado on Monday. We’ve got your starters, game times and other details for the weekend series.

Game Details:

Dates: Friday, Wednesday 25th – Saturday, February 28th
Good Guys: Texas Tech Red Raiders (8-1, 0-0)
Bad Guys: Sacramento State Hornets (6-2, 0-0) and Northern Colorado Bears (1-3, 0-0)
Location: Dan Law Field | Lubbock, TX
TV/Stream: N/A
Radio/Stream: Broadcast Affiliates and TuneIn App

Probable Starters

Outfield: LF: Tyler Neslony| CF: Hunter Hargrove or Zach Davis or Stephen Smith | RF: Stephen Smith or Tanner Gardner
Infield: 3B: Michael Davis or Orlando Garcia or Ryan Long | SS: Tim Proudfoot | 2B: Cory Raley or Bryant Burleson | 1B Eric Gutierrez | C: Tyler Floyd or Bryant Burleson | DH: William Hairston or Quinn Carpenter or Tanner Gardner

Game 1: Wednesday, February 25th @ 7:00 pm
Texas Tech Starting Pitcher: LHP Cameron Smith
Sacramento State Starting Pitcher: RHP Brennan Leitao
Final Score & Box Score: Texas Tech 4, Sacramento State 3 (recap & box score)

Woooot!  Texas Tech couldn’t get anything started offensively for six innings, but Tim Proudfoot hit a home run in the 7th inning, but was still down 3-1 heading into the 9th inning. Then the improbable happened as Texas Tech scored 3 in the bottom of the 9th inning. Frank Phillips College transfer William Hairston singled to start the 9th inning, Tim Proudfoot struck out, then occasional pitcher and occasional hitter Quinn Carpenter, another transfer, this one from Iowa Western, singles moving Hairston to second. Tanner Gardner strikes out so Texas Tech is down to 1 out. Yet another transfer steps up, from Temple College, Cory Raley, doubles scoring Hairston and Carpenter. Of course, Eric Gutierrez, is intentionally walked because he’s GUUUT. Now, you’ve got runners at first and second and Tyler Neslony singles up the middle scoring Raley and winning the freaking game.  That is, of course, all of the offense, and Cameron Smith pitched 6 solid innings, giving up 5 hits, allowing 3 runs, striking out 7 and walking 1.  Dominic Moreno came in to pitch the final 3 frames, allowing only 2 hits and striking out 5 while walking none.

Game 2: Thursday, February 26th @ 3:00 pm
Texas Tech Starting Pitcher: RHP Ryan Moseley
Sacramento State Starting Pitcher: LHP Sam Long
Final Score & Box Score:

Game 3: Saturday, February 27th @ 3:00 pm
Texas Tech Starting Pitcher: LHP Dylan Dusek
Sacramento State Starting Pitcher: RHP Ty Nichols
Final Score & Box Score:

Game 4: Sunday, February 28th @ 6:00 pm
Texas Tech Starting Pitcher: LHP Ty Damron
Sacramento State Starting Pitcher: LHP Jake Stassi
Final Score & Box Score:

Game 5: Monday, March 2nd @ 6:30 pm
Texas Tech Starting Pitcher: TBA
Northern Colorado Starting Pitcher: TBA
Final Score & Box Score:

I think I’ve figured out a way to keep this post close to the top of the page. The amazing thing is that I’m still figuring out a ton of things with the staff.  I will be updating this post through the weekend, complete with video and all sorts of things.  I’ll make it a promise to have more complete previews starting next week.

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