The Morning Stake: Taking Stock of Big 12 QB’s, Spring Ball Predictions, & QB Transfer Drama at a School Not Named Texas Tech

Quarterbacks can transfer from other schools, too? It’s not just us! Plus a look at what to expect from Big 12 quarterbacks, conference spring ball predictions, and a rundown of what recruits are in Lubbock for the weekend.

SPRING PREDICTIONS. Jake Trotter of the ESPN Big 12 blog bro hydra has put out his 10 spring ball predictions for the conference, where he sees much uncertainty at quarterback.

1. QB battles linger into the fall: Tight quarterback competitions in Austin, Manhattan, Morgantown, Norman, Waco and even Lubbock and Lawrence emerge as dominant storylines. Baylor’s Seth Russell, Texas Tech’s Patrick Mahomes and Kansas State’s Joe Hubener eventually are named starters before the summer. But the spring fails to bring resolution to the other battles, which all carry over into the fall.

He goes into a bit more detail about Tech in the article, so give it a look.

A LOOK-IN AT BIG 12 QB’s. Here’s a nice little glimpse at the QB situations throughout the Big 12 from the people over at The Student Section. We joke about The Wizard, but I fear we won’t be laughing as much when K State fields an anthropomorphic ear of corn with glued-on googly eyes and wheat stalks for arms. That corn will then average 200 yards passing & 100 yards rushing per game.

SPEAKING OF QUARTERBACKS. It appears that OSU QB/wanted space pirate Daxx Garman is considering a transfer. With J.W. Walsh a senior next year, the emergence of Mason Rudolph, and a shiny new 4-star QB coming in, the position is starting to get a little crowded in Stillwater. They just can’t stop copying us.

WEEKEND VISITORS. Daniel Pauling & the 24/7 crew (Hey, Mike!) have a round-up of recruits that are in Lubbock this weekend, including 2016 WR TJ Vasher and 2017 OL target Jack Anderson.

DAILY REMINDER: KLIFF KINGSBURY IS BETTER THAN YOU. Handsome? Check. Intelligent? Check. Fashionable? Check. But I bet he doesn’t randomly help the elder- OH COME ON YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME. But seriously, that lady is spitting game in her golden years better than you ever have or will. Sexy voice indeed, ma’am.

MISCELLANY: Tuition for the Tech system looks to be going up about $100 a semester. . . Grab your boots and hats, it’s Texas Tech Day at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. I heard rumors that a certain coach may be in attendance. . .

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