2016 Quarterback Options

With 2016 quarterback from DeSoto, Tristen Wallace, backing out of his commitment to Texas Tech, but still naming Texas Tech to his top five, there are still a handful of quarterbacks that Texas Tech has on their radar.  We’ve got video and details after the jump.

I want to make this really clear in that these are targets. Not offers, except for Hurts and Wallace. This is a list from Raider Power of possible targets. There are a couple of things that you’ll note here about most of these players, which is that these are all really good athletes and they have big arms. It is pretty interesting to see how the coaching staff is going after a certain type of quarterback. Also, Texas Tech is going after some quarterbacks in the southeast, which means that Kevin Curtis is your guy  recruiting them and a handful of Houston area quarterbacks are being scouted, which means that Mike Jinks is getting after it.  We’ve got ten possibilities at quarterback, including film for you to review.

Tristen Wallace (6-3/225) DeSoto (DeSoto, TX)

Somewhat of a different situation in that Wallace originally committed to Texas Tech and then backed out a few weeks later. Wallace released his top five, which includes Ohio State, Baylor, Texas, TCU and Texas Tech.  I don’t think Texas Tech is out of it, but I also don’t think that the odds are great either.  Wallace does represent where I think head coach Kliff Kingsbury is headed with all of these guys, which is an athlete first and Kingsbury is confident enough he can teach the rest.

Jalen Hurts (6-2/203) Channelview (Channelview, TX)

Hurts really is a terrific athlete and if this is the next logical choice, then I’m good with this. I won’t get into a lot of detail with a scouting report, but you can tell that Hurts is a pretty special athlete. Hurts is the only one on this list that has actually been offered.

Keon Howard (6-1/205) Laurel (Laurel, MS)

There are a couple of options in the southeast, which I find interesting. Howard is a pretty big kid with another big arm and terrific athlete. You may not be surprised by this, but this is going to be a theme with a large portion of these quarterbacks. I think that Hurts is a bit better passing, but not by much. Oh, and the left tackle on the field, I’m sure he’s like 7’5″ and 450.

Keondre Wudtee (6-4/184) Parkway (Bossier City, LA)

I really like how Wudtee can throw. I think he’s pretty advanced and I also like how he is 6’4″. You can see those extra couple of inches here. Scrambles out of the pocket really well and makes plays. Probably reminds me more of Patrick Mahomes than the others, but Wudtee has better wheels.

Devin Williams (5-11/166) Mansfield Timberview (Arlington, TX)

A bit small, but you can tell he’s been groomed with 7-on-7 ball. He’s adept at the spread passing game. He’s got a nice arm and I don’t think he is the athlete that some of the others are, but he’s put up some impressive numbers. Plus, the film is only as a sophomore.

Neiko Hollins (6-3/195) Hightower (Sugar Land, TX)

Another guy that has similar qualities as the others, but a bit better height than some. Smooth delivery for Hollins and I think I would like typing Neiko for a while. Doesn’t seem as nuanced as some others, but maybe that’s just me.

Braden Letney (6-1/208) Oak Ridge (Conroe, TX)

Not as fluid in the pocket as the others, but he’s effective running the ball for sure. A pretty good passer, but not elite I think.

Jhakari Harrison (6-1/179) Coconut Creek (Coconut Creek, FL)

Starting to see a trend here? Big arm. Likes to air it out. Does it really well. Pretty good athlete that doesn’t run as much, but whoa, that arm.

Johnathan Brantley (6-2/180) C.E. King (Houston, TX)

The rawest of the bunch, at least to me. This seems like a long shot, but he’s a fanstastic athlete, but rough around the edges.

David Johnson (6-1/170) South Oak Cliff (Dallas, TX)

Want a complete dark horse that is a real possibility? Johnson is your guy and he may commit whether or not if any other player commits due to the Emmett Jones connection. There’s something a bit mechanical about Johnson’s delivery, but when the idea is, hey, J.F. Thomas is one-on-one, let’s throw him the ball, then it’s going to be a bit mechanical. Still, there’s something I can’t place my finger on with his delivery. Johnson is a really good athlete and being a former player of Jones, this could be a very real option.


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