The Morning Stake: Jack Anderson Talks Recruiting; Texas Tech’s Quarterback Rating

In today’s Morning Stake: 2017 Texas Tech legacy Jack Anderson talks recruiting; Tubby Smith talks about how he may have stayed too long in Minnesota; Big 12 quarterback ratings; and being in the media isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Anderson Wanted by Everyone. This isn’t even until 2017, but center Jack Anderson is maybe the most sought after 2017 lineman and he’s a Texas Tech legacy, is being offered by everyone. He was at the Opening in Dallas last week and was on Scout to talk about doing things for Frisco and was one of the top five linemen at that camp.

Baseball Shuts Down Oklahoma.  The open thread is updated, but for the quick version, Texas Tech handled Oklahoma pretty easily last night, 6-1.

Know When to Fold’Em. USA Today has an interesting look at coaches who have to know when to walk away from a program where the seat is getting hot. I’m quoting this because quoted is Texas Tech head coach Tubby Smith, who says that as a coach, you’ve got to feel that tip and he felt that he stayed too long at Minnesota and should have moved on:

When a coach’s name begins to circulate as one on the so-called hot seat, it’s hard to reverse course, much like swimming upstream. Smith felt he stayed too long at Minnesota and that, in the end, not even a victory in the 2013 NCAA tournament proved enough to save his job.

“Whenever you hear those rumblings, you have to make sure to keep your ear to the ground,” Smith, now at Texas Tech, told USA TODAY Sports. “In every organization, when you see things change, it’s already coming down, it may be too late. You’ve got to be proactive. You’ve got to know when to move.”

Quarterback Efficiency. ESPN’s Brandon Chatmon writes about the Big 12’s best quarterback production according to the made-up metric from ESPN, QBR. As an aside, QBR is a fine metric and is used to determine a quarterback’s impact more than their stats and is sort of a play-by-lay metric and isn’t just about putting up huge stats. There’s a link there for more information. In any event, over the past three seasons, Texas Tech has had the fourth best QBR among Big 12 teams at 69.4, which is okay, not great, but pretty good. As a quick aside, what the story does say is that Davis Webb had a QBR of 79.7 in 2013, while Baker Mayfield had a QBR of 56.4.

Being in the Media Ain’t All Great. This Grantland feature about what happened to strain the relationship between the Oklahoma City media and some of the Thunder players is just terrific. Maybe the biggest take away for me is how the head of communications for the Thunder has fostered a terrible relationship between the Thunder players and the media. The funny thing is that most of the media that follows these guys end up cheering for the team in some sense. They get close enough that they don’t want these guys to fail. It’s a strange thing though because the players not talking to the media doesn’t affect me, but that doesn’t mean that I never want to hear from them and I like hearing them talk about my team. They obviously aren’t required to do anything, i.e. Marshawn Lynch, and if they don’t want to talk, then that’s fine, but at some point if everyone has the same attitude of Westbrook and Lynch or anyone else, then really, we as fans lose out more than anything.

Again, we don’t need quotes to write about a player, but it is still nice to read what a player has to say. As the article ends, the OKC writer says that he’ll get to write about how great Westbrook is, but not be able to write about who Westbrook is.

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