Recruiting on the Plains: 2016 TE Donte Coleman Player Profile

Texas Tech secured their third commit from the 2016 class in West Mesquite tight end Donte Coleman, an athletic tight end that is a smooth pass catcher and is already adept at blocking. We’ve got a full profile, including video, and scouting report after the jump.

HT/WT: 6-4/220
HIGH SCHOOL: West Mesquite (Mesquite, TX)
RECRUITING SERVICES: Rivals N/R | Scout | ESPN N/R | 24/7 Sports 84
PROFILE DATE: March 22, 2015
OFFERS: Arizona State, Boise State, California, Fresno State, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Nevada, Oklahoma State, Rice, SMU, TCU, Texas Tech and Washington

PREVIOUSLY ON STAKING THE PLAINS: 2016 TE Donte Coleman Commits to Texas Tech

Scouting Report and Walsh Analysis: At the end of the year last year, I tried including a new table with what I was terming the “Walsh Analysis” which is to take the traits of how Bill Walsh evaluated the 1985 NFL Draft. Including that table was just adding a bunch of code so I’ll just be talking about those traits: blocking ability, soft hands, absorb the ball, body agility and size.

The blocking part is pretty well down, although he’s not big for college defenses, he is plenty big for high school. As mentioned in the initial post, Coleman does a great job of blocking out of the slot, finishes blocks and initiates contact with the defender.  Coleman has a distinct physical advantage in high school and he’ll have to add weight in college, but that’s the least of my worries. Coleman only had 18 catches in 2014, but I’d expect that to be be quite a bit higher in 2015. The few catches that we do get to see, he certainly acts more like a receiver than a tight end, which is good. And when he does catch the ball, he is tucking it. I think this used to be more important when a tight end wasn’t an integral part of his offense and knew that he was going 5 yards and most likely was going to get drilled so it made sense for the tight end to quickly absorb the ball. I don’t think that tight ends in a spread offense will have that problem, but they will when they go up the seam. Coleman has a tremendous amount of body agility. He is an athlete and he looks more like a receiver than a tight end.  Coleman’s size isn’t quite up to Big 12 tight end standards, but that’s a full year away from even having to think about.

Donte, welcome to Texas Tech and Git Your Guns Up!

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