Kliff Kingsbury Hangs With Floyd Mayweather, Jr. in Las Vegas

Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury took in the media day at Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s camp yesterday and the story writes itself:

As you might imagine, Kingsbury wasn’t there just to hang out with Mayweather, but tomorrow is the first day of the spring evaluation period that lasts until June 1st and according to the Las Vegas Review Journal’s Ed Ganey, Kingsbury is there to recruit the son of one of Mayweather’s bodyguards:

The crazy part is, Tuesday seemed beyond normal for what you might expect, if you believe normal for a boxing media day is David Hasselhoff holding court for some who at least appeared interested in his opinion and Texas Tech football coach Kliff Kingsbury posing for photos inside the gym.

He’s reportedly recruiting the son of one of Mayweather’s bodyguards, which I suppose is why Kingsbury was clutching a hat with TMT on it. The Money Team.

Sort of a dangerous recruiting pitch for a coach from Texas, no?

I would tell you that the entire article is entertaining in a cheeky sort of way and I’ll give 500 STP bucks (these bucks are worthless) to anyone that can track down the son of the bodyguard that Kingsbury is recruiting. I also think I buried the lede here as David Hasselhoff was also there holding court.

Photo via SO Max O @ Flickr.

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