Corey Dauphine is Fast. Real Fast.

Corey Dauphine is running for Port Arthur Memorial.  That’s Corey Dauphine in the middle of the screen. The one that looks like he could rip a phone book in half.  His Port Arthur Memorial team is the one wearing black tops and bottoms and this is the 4×200 race.  Dauphine is running the 3rd leg and you won’t see him run until the 0:56 mark of the video.  The team with the white tops and red bottoms has about 10 yards on Dauphine and if you blink twice, you’ll miss Dauphine then gain those 10 yards and then gain an additional 15 yards on those competitors, at such point Memorial is able to coast, led by Baylor commit Kameron Martin running that 4th leg.

You are watching the national 4×200 record being broken with a time of 1:23.84.  And if you missed it earlier this week, Dauphine was invited to run in the Prefontaine Classic in Oregon.

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