Texas Tech AD Kirby Hocutt Talks College Football Playoff and Kliff Kingsbury

Via Jimmy Burch at the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, Texas Tech athletic director Kirby Hocutt discussed his role as a new member of the College Football Playoff and his own head coach Kliff Kingsbury.  Just to note something that I think is fascinating, which is the idea that Hocutt is the master of saying something without really giving an indication as to where he’s headed with a particular decision.  You somewhat have to guess where Hocutt is going. I think he learned that from Bill Snyder.  In any event, Hocutt does confirm that the Big 12 is seeking a waiver for a 10 team conference to have the option to play a conference title game and that the Big 12 will continue to consider it’s options. Hocutt is also asked about the tie-breaker scenario between Baylor and TCU from last year:

On his preferred CFP-related tiebreaker for the Big 12: “We live in a society that we expect when you go head-to-head and you compete, there’s a winner. My opinion is that winner should be crowned the champion at the end of the day if all else is equal.”

It is interesting that Hocutt seems to lean towards actually naming a champion rather than what Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby did, which is to let the records speak for themselves.  Hocutt also was asked about those non-conference schedules:

On a possible Big 12 mandate to strengthen nonconference football schedules and exclude games against FCS schools: “I think that ought to be left to each of the individual schools. But it’s important and it’s going to affect all of us in this new College Football Playoff scenario. So I think we need to hold each other accountable.”

I think a mandate is probably a bad idea, but the implication here seems to be that a weak link damages the entire chain. Hello Baylor!

Hocutt is asked about Kliff Kingsbury and this isn’t a new answer, but it certainly should be repeated, that last year’s results were not acceptable:

On coach Kliff Kingsbury, who is 5-13 in his last 18 games after a 7-0 start to his coaching tenure at his alma mater: “Kliff’s a winner, and he is exactly what Texas Tech University needs in building stability and continuity for this football program. I get to see it inside those four walls every day. I see the culture and the environment that he’s building with these young men. Offensively, we’ve got the best offensive mind and coach in the country.”

And last year’s 4-8 record isn’t acceptable to Hocutt:

On Tech’s 4-8 football record last season: “It was a disappointing season in so many ways, and unacceptable by our expectations. There’s nothing more you can say other than we’re working to correct that and move us forward at an accelerated pace.”

There’s more there, so make sure and go give it a click.

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