Gridiron on the Plains: Texas Tech and Zac Spavital Recruiting Oklahoma

Texas Tech and head coach  Kliff Kingsbury and Zac Spavital are hitting Oklahoma on the recruiting trail and have a staffer, who probably has an inside source, dedicated to the state. Let’s discuss.

Photo via Charles Henry @ Flickr.

Red Raider Sports staffer Drew Kohnle mentioned on Twitter (@Drew_Kohnle for Texas Tech stuff and also if you love Mumford and Sons) the other day that Zac Spavital has been all over Oklahoma, which means that he’s essentially moved from his normal area of Houston to Oklahoma. I think that Spavital had recruited the Houston area for Houston for quite some time, so this is entirely new for him and it’s pretty cool that he did that.

Of course, Spavital is from Oklahoma, from famed Union in Tulsa, and Spavital’s father is currently the head coach at Broken Arrow, so I’m guessing that Spavital has some built in connections.

I’d also add that it’s interesting how the staff is dividing up the recruiting areas and from what I can tell, Trey Haverty has east Texas, Mike Jinks has the Houston area, Kevin Curtis has Louisiana and the southeast while Spavital has Houston.

OL Rowdy Frederick. Rowdy Frederick recently received an offer, an offensive lineman from Broken Arrow, 6-5/320, and he’s known as the guy that has a mullet, but he’s also a 3-star player. I should also say that most of these guys favor Oklahoma or Oklahoma State, but the Sooners and Cowboys can nab everyone, and there’s still a handful of players that should be considered. Back to Frederick, he’s starting to come on of late, but as mentioned above, he was initially known for his mullet and now he’s getting more recognition for his game. Has been offered by Oklahoma and Texas Tech.

S Calvin Bundage. Bundage is pretty well sought-after safety (6-3/200) from Edmond and thought to be 100% to Oklahoma, but he has a handful of offers, including Oklahoma and Houston as well as Michigan and a handful of other offers, 14 offers total.

DE Noah Jones. Really love his film and has some really nice size for a high school defensive end, 6-5/255. He really carries that weight well and has some really excellent speed. Has mid-major to major offers, like Kansas State, Texas Tech, Tulsa, Army, etc.

WR Jordan Brown. Texas Tech is Brown’s first offer and Brown is from Stillwater. Brown is a pretty nice sized receiver, 6-1/198, and he apparently played some running back as well as receiver last year. Not big stats, only 650 or so total yards receiving and running. Brown also attended Texas Tech’s junior day.

CB Max Wariboko. Wariboko is from Oklahoma City and isn’t very heavy, but he does have some nice height, 6-0/165. He’s going to need to add weight. In any event, Wariboko has 5 offers, and that doesn’t include Texas Tech.

LB Chris Baccus. Baccus, 6-2/225, is from Beggs, which I don’t know where that is, and has been offered by Arizona State, Nebraska, Washington State and some others. I get the feeling that there are a lot of folks in, but are maybe waiting to offer.

OG Tyler Brown. Brown, 6-5/325, has just been offered by North Texas and Tulsa. I expect action to pick up as Brown is visiting as much as possible.

WR Jake Koenig. Koenig, 6-1/200, is a good-sized receiver that doesn’t have any offers thus far. Koenig is putting up some really good stats. Koenig also has some really nice hands and I like his speed, but I don’t know if Metro Christian has decent competition. Also, with Tulsa being the town where Spavital’s father is the head coach (or close to Tulsa) then Spavital may have more insight than most on a guy like Koenig.

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