Recruiting on the Plains: The High School Defensive Tackle Prospects

The Texas Tech coaches have been hot on the trail making offers to additional defensive linemen. Let’s check out what’s happened since the last time we looked at the high school defensive linemen.

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Again, all information is from Scout and 24/7 Sports.

When we last met, the only offers were offers that were to really highly rated players and one local player, Ivory Jackson, from Amarillo. Most guys from the last time, there were guys that were definitive 3-star players and above and there was a limited number. Now, it appears that the coaching staff has a bit more film on these guys and there’s quite a few more 3-star players and unrated players. I think we’re really rounding into action here. Here are the new offers (I think) and video on each. We’ll do the defensive tackles today and the defensive ends later in the week (time permitting).

Defensive Tackles

Ross Blacklock (6-3/326) Ft. Bend Elkins (Missouri City, TX)

A huge player and really starting to make his name known. Most likely a one-technique defensive tackle, but he’s a big kid that plays up and down the line and if he is really 326, he carries it well.

Marcel Southall (6-3/270) Duncanville (Duncanville, TX)

Oh, no big deal, just an Alabama offer, so Southall has really blown up this spring. Southall is ridiculously athletic for his size, hence the Alabama offer and offer from just about every program.

Joe Wallace (6-0/333) Skyline (Dallas, TX)

Okay, this one is definitely a one-technique and he’s really good at it. Wallace is your prototypical noseguard and he’s quite over-powering at the high school level.

Tyarise Stevenson (6-3/320) Donaldsonville (Donaldsonville, LA)

Texas Tech is in early on a really talented defensive tackle from Louisiana and one day . . . yeah, one day . . . it’s going to pay off. Texas Tech is Stevenson’s best offer, but it’s just a matter of time. Really strong for his size and just manhandles opposing offensive lines.

Nick McCann (6-2/290) Arkansas HS (Texarkana, AR)

Seems like a ton of his highlights are offensive linemen who aren’t giving him much, if any fight. Hardly any blockers stick with him. A lot like the other offers, McCann is light on his feet and very athletic for his size. Who else is noticing a trend?

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