Gridiron on the Plains: J.F. Thomas Also Signs with TVCC (Just In Case); More on Derrick Willies at TVCC

Texas Tech signee J.F. Thomas has also signed with Trinity Valley C.C. in case he doesn’t qualify, summarizing the post-spring rankings and more on Derrick Willies at Trinity Valley C.C.

Post-Spring Special Teams Rankings. The ESPN’s Blog Bros have their final ranking, the special teams, and have Texas Tech is at 9th overall. This is a unit that has to improve, whether it’s more yards on the punt returns or something, but this is a unit that needs to be better.

And Land Grant Gauntlet’s Chris Ross compiled all of the rankings to get an overall ranking and Texas Tech is 6th overall. Go check out the entire conference.

Thomas Also Signs With Trinity Valley C.C. Wreck’Em 24/7’s Daniel Paulling writes that Texas Tech signee J.F. Thomas has signed with both Texas Tech and Trinity Valley C.C. in case he doesn’t qualify, which is fairly standard. Thomas is apparently waiting on some test results, his SAT and STARR, to know whether or not he’ll be able to play for Texas Tech next year. I think the STARR results have been released (or are in the process of being released) and I only know this because my wife is a teacher.

Willies at TVCC. Also from Paulling, we get a Q&A with Trinity Valley C.C. head coach Brad Smiley to talk about WR Derrick Willies and it’s extensive, so you should go read the whole thing:

Q: What’s he like as a person?
A: Real good kid. We joke around here, we call him the mercenary. He’s like a hired hit man. He’s coming in here to win a ring and he’s here to graduate and go to big-time ball. He’s all business.

You don’t shoot the breeze with him, but he’s a good kid. Kind of a quiet guy. Sits around the office, smiles and laughs. But he’s not that outwardly, ‘Hey, coach what’s going on?’ It’s, ‘Hey, coach.’ It’s all business. I love it.

I did find it odd/interesting that Paulling added to his story that Willies initially said that he didn’t have the time to talk to Paulling, and then they set up a time to talk and then Willies never responded to a phone call or text message at the agreed upon time. I guess I find it interesting that Paulling added that editorial bit there, maybe to explain why he didn’t talk to Willies, but I don’t know that I would have questioned Paulling if he hadn’t. I’m probably making too big a deal of this, just thought it was interesting.

Charts. I think I’m going to be trying out some charts in some of the previews next year. Stuff like this:

I’m working on making this pretty simplistic to do on my end, other than the data entry, and Google Sheets is helping quite a bit.

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