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The Morning Stake: Tubby Smith Throws Out the First Pitch

Tubby Smith throws a strike last night at the Ranger game and Jett Duffey makes the semifinals for the Elite 11, all that and more (much more).

Photo via Charles Henry @ Flickr.


Tubby Throws a Strike. Last night was Texas Tech night at the Ballpark in Arlington and Tubby Smith threw out the first pitch:


Myers Added to Texas Sports Hall of Fame Ballot. Congrats to former athletic director and basketball coach Gerald Myers for being named to the Texas Sports Hall of Fame ballot.


Soares and Dojas Ranked 11th. After a terrific NCAA run, Felipe Soares and Hugo Dojas are ranked 11th in doubles, while Soares finished 28th in singles.


Schedule Announced. The soccer team announced their home schedule, with 9 home games, including Texas and West Virginia.

T-Shirt Fans

Percentage of Fans. This dovetails nicely with what we were talking about earlier, which was the reach of Texas and how they can have a huge number of sales on merchandise. Via SBNation, we have the percentage of Facebook fans of a team fans that actually attended the college and sure enough, Texas Tech does make the top 10 of graduates to fans at 34%, while Texas only has 8%. The teams in front of Texas are Notre Dame, North Carolina, Oregon and Georgia.

For me personally, I’ve never liked the idea of saying, well, you can only be a fan if you went to school there because that’s just not how life works. Sometimes it is regional who you cheer for and sometimes it is the teams that your parents cheered for (or grandparents) or sometimes its just a team that you like for whatever reason. So I don’t like the idea of labeling fans that way, in that if you have this piece of paper you’re a “real fan”. It’s not at all surprising to me to see that Texas only has 8% of their fans with a degree because I’ve always thought that they’re ridiculously popular and that’s okay. That’s their deal. I’m not worried about their deal.


Duffey to Elite 11 Semifinals. Congrats to Texas Tech commit QB Jett Duffy who is one of thirty to be part of the Elite 11 Semifinals.

Ultimate Road Trip. Over the next few days, the ESPN Big 12 Blog Bros are picking a game they would go to each week and in week three, they’re all choosing Fayetteville to watch Texas Tech vs. Arkansas.

Just One Number. ESPN’s Brandon Chatmon who is choosing the single number for each team that is historically important. Chatmon chose #44 for Donny Anderson, but I think I’d choose #55 for E.J. Holub as maybe the most historically important number. For those of you who have a better handle historically, what number would you choose?

No. 85. Every year, the Orlando Sentinel ranks the FBS teams and has Texas Tech ranked 85 overall.


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