Community Projections on Big 12 Win Totals

The results are in from my request for you to give your two cents about the Big 12 win totals from last month. We had over 400 responses, which is pretty cool, and I’ve got screen shots of the results below.

An overwhelming number of you all think that Texas Tech will be over 6 wins, 89% think that Texas Tech will have more than 6 wins,and that Baylor will be under 10 wins, by an astounding 84.1%.

Also, many of you would take the over on Oklahoma State at 7 wins, 61.5% and you all are not believers in West Virginia at 8 wins, with 82.4% taking the under. Also a bit surprising, 67.2% of you all think that Texas will go over 6 wins.

Here you go.

Photo via Damian @ Flickr.

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