Summer Opponent Preview: Kansas Jayhawks – The Numbers

Quick Facts on Kansas

Last Year’s Record: 3-9
Location: Lawrence, Kansas
Coach: David Beaty
Returning Offensive Starters: QB Michael Cummings, OL Larry Mazyck, OL Joe Gibson
Returning Defensive Starters: DL Ben Goodman


Pass Yds/Gm Rush Yds/Gm Rec Yds/Gm
QB Montrell Cozart 100.1 9.00 0.00
RB De’Andre Mann 0.00 44.33 6.20
RB Joe Dineen, Jr. 0.00 4.09 0.00
TE Ben Johnson 0.00 0.00 6.70
QB Michael Cummings 142.90 1.92 4.60

Out of fear of being run out of town, I had to look up every player that I listed to make sure that they are still on the team. I’m still nervous I’ve made a mistake. I’ve also included both quarterbacks as there really isn’t another receiver, but the hope is that Cummings is healthy and I’ve included both quarterbacks because there just aren’t a lot of options.


Pass Pts/Gm Rush Pts/Gm Rec Pts/Gm
QB Montrell Cozart 2.5 2 0
RB De’Andre Mann 0 0 0
RB Joe Dineen, Jr. 0 0 0
TE Ben Johnson 0 0 0
QB Michael Cummings 4.5 2 0

Avert your eyes. With Corey Avery being kicked off the team, it’s not pretty. Not pretty at all.


Solo Assisted
DL Ben Goodman 14 7
DL T.J. Semke 9 12
DB Fish Smithson 36 13
LB Courtney Arnick 34 11
DB Tevin Shaw 24 12

Fish. That’s for real. Just not a lot of returning stats. I just don’t know how this is going to happen.


Tackles for Loss Passes Defended Forced Fumbles
DL Ben Goodman 2 0 0
DL T.J. Semke 2 0 0
DB Fish Smithson 2 1 0
LB Courtney Arnick 4 2 0
DB Tevin Shaw 2.5 1 1

A couple of returning defensive linemen and Arnick seems to be a pretty decent player, but not a lot of stats here.

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