The Morning Stake: VB Wins Fall Invitational; LAJ Previews Texas Tech Football


Texas Tech Beats Houston, Win Fall Invitational. Via the official site, the volleyball team beat Houston yesterday, 3-1, to win the Texas Tech Fall Invitational. Head coach Don Flora:

“We’ve raised the bar on our schedule,” Flora said. “Those three teams are a little bit higher ranked teams from who we had last year in our tournament. These are teams that have history, success and have been really good. All three teams are very well coached and have some firepower that maybe we didn’t see last year.”


Position By Position. LAJ’s Don Williams gives his two cents as to who starts and backs-up at each position. There’s too much information there, so I won’t even try to get to all of it, but he is projecting Patrick Mahomes to get the call at quarterback for what it’s worth. If you read anything today, read this and you’ll thank me later.

The LAJ has quite a bit of information, I’d guess that the actual paper has a full preview for your reading pleasure, so here’s a summary:

Miscellaneous. SAEN’s Tim Griffin with some Big 12 factoids . . .

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